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Wall Mounted Lamp is Freemium Experiment with IKEA Hack


Designer Flowalistik creates a 3D printed IKEA hack with a twist, where extra parts are available in a “pay what you like” arrangement.

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A new design from Flowalistik is an ambitious blend of IKEA hack and freemium content.

You can download and 3D print a set of base files to simply convert an IKEA Jansjo desk lamp into a wall mounted lamp. But for a non-essential component to finish the look, you’re invited to pay what you think it’s worth.

The design itself is a clever one, modifying a common household item. The Janso lamp is a popular, cheap and robust spot lamp usually found on work-spaces and desktops.

But this functional print means you can now permanently mount it to a wall using the same set of screws that come with the lamp.

ikea hack

IKEA Hack for Janso Lamp is Elegant & Stylish

Flowalistik said on twitter that his inspiration for the IKEA hack was to clear up space on his own desk. The distinctive cover was printed with ColorFabb Woodfill.

To obtain the full set of files, the process is pretty straightforward. It consists of four different parts, and the STL files for the three functional parts (in black in the picture) are available to download for free from Thingiverse.

To obtain the STL files for the cover (in brown in the picture) file, a donation with no minimum amount should be made to a dedicated PayPal page.

Customers are also requested to add a note with the donation, citing the phrase “jansjo” plus an email address to send the files.

Flowalistik hasn’t provided any guidelines as to how much customers are invited to pay for the model. It could be as low as 1 cent, and that would qualify. But it’s a great experiment to see how designers can be better rewarded for their contributions to the 3D printing ecosystem.

That’s not the only way to reward your favorite designers, however. Recent changes to Thingiverse mean you can also show your appreciation with a tip on any of their design pages.

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