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Fender Offers Studio-Quality 3D Printed In-Ear Monitors

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by Hanna Watkin
Jul 13, 2017

Fender offers two new in-ear monitors with very different price tags. Both models use 3D printing technology to give you most comfy wearing experience.

If you enjoy rocking out to the great guitarists, such as Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, then why not honor their sound by listening with $1,999 earphones from the company who developed their guitars?

Fender is best known for their guitars and legendary amps. But they’re now offering to help your sound in a different, 3D printed way, with a range of in-ear monitors (IEMs). These aren’t your normal earbuds, these are mainly aimed at musicians (they are great on stage), professionals or for special studio situations.

In 2015, Fender bought start-up Aurisonics to help them develop a own line of earphones. The result was the DXA1 line which includes five wired in-ear models starting at $99 (All3DP reported).

Now, the company has now released the CXA1 and FXA9 in-ear monitors. The difference between the two isn’t just the price tag, but also the quality.

The CXA1 start at $219 and is considered to be a high-end consumer system. The FXA9, however, begins at $1,299 and is predominantly for professional use. For that price, you get two HDBA tweeters, precision drivers, tweaked bass and a frequency range that goes as low as 6 Hz and as high as 24 kHz. Oh and of course, you’ll find an expensive case.

Make a Big Noise for Fender’s IEMs

So, where’s the 3D printing aspect? The FXA9 model also boasts a 3D printed shell and has a design which offers a snug fit inside your ear. The IEMs come with four options for ear tips, so you find the perfect size to block out external noise. Aurisonics base their design on 3D scans of countless ears to ensure a comfortable fit. Of course, this is a very important feature for musicians using Fender’s equipment, capable of blasting tunes.

The FXA9 model boasts: “12Hz – 22kHz frequency response for lifelike sound reproduction and 121dB @1mW sensitivity for distortion-free audio.” Fender also claims that the 3D printed DHT shell fits 95% of ears.

However, although the sound quality is great for the FXA9, a complaint is that the design is not quite up to scratch for such a pricey sum, especially as it’s very similar to the much cheaper alternative.

If you have cash to splash and would like a pair of 3D printed IEMs, head over to the Fender website to find out more. Or, simply drown your sorrows and listen to one of Fender’s greatest players on his Stratocaster:


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