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Fender Releases Line of 3D Printed Earbuds


Fender, who are best known for their classic guitars and amps, are now helping out audiophiles and musicians  in a much smaller way!

The company have announced their first ever series of Fender branded headphones, including five new wired in-ear models which start at $99 and rise all the way up to $499!

Rather than developing their own headphones from scratch, Fender turned to makers Aurisonics and bought the small company in 2015, which previously catered to pro musicians and audiophiles.

Aurisonics’ founder Dale Lott said to Head-Fi: “”I wouldn’t have done it if it didn’t make sense. From our earliest days, we’ve been positioning ourselves to serve musicians. Finding a market among audio fanatics has been welcomed, but being acquired by the biggest name in the music industry is the right marriage–it’s authentic to both our brands. It’s kind of surreal, in a way, the little company I started in the basement five years ago is now part of one of the biggest companies in the music industry. It’s just crazy!”fender

Fender claims they have created refreshed versions of the Aurisonics models and that they have been “reconfigured and improved since the acquisition”, according to Fender’s Andy Rowley.

Their in-ear monitors are designed and assembled in Nashville and feature titanium drivers – which is great for any audio nerds. Another feature is that, apart from the entry-level $99 DXA1, all of the other models boast a 3D printed shell.

Aurisonics developed the technology for this over the course of a few years and the manufacturing process is described as 3D printed Digital Hybrid Technology, with the design based on 3D scans of thousands of ears.

As a result, the headphones are said to fit “95% of ears like an expensive custom-molded monitor”. The one major benefit of this is that you won’t have to spend time getting molds of your ears made!

Fender is catering to their existing customers with this lineup as it appears to be mainly aimed at musicians and other audio professionals. But whether you’re a musician, or simply just want to make a noise, make sure to check out the series when it is shipped in March.