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Czech Cubism Is 3D Printed As Fancy, Gorgeous Dinnerware

Czech Cubism

Revitalizing your dinner table and Czech Cubism in one fell swoop: Lauriger shares their new 3D printed cubist dinnerware. And it’s beautiful.

Lauriger is a Czech company that creates sophisticated and artistic dinnerware. Cubism is no minor topic for the Czech, and can be seen in its buildings, galleries, and museums.

3D Printing has enabled the company to create their latest collection, Lilia.

Tea Time in Czech Cubism (Image: Lauriger)
Tea Time in Czech Cubism (Image: Lauriger)

What may otherwise look like some fancy gift, is something that holds very deep meaning for the creators. They commissioned Czech architect Svetlana Koženová to create the collection. The goal was not only to make something sophisticated but to revitalize interest in the Cubism movement. Koženová did so by combining traditional porcelain making with 3D printing.

He chose simple white porcelain as a result of a chance encounter at an art fair in Prague. When Koženová began chatting with a local porcelain maker, he suggested they use his local factory in Dubi u Teplic. Given that porcelain is yet another soft spot for the country, the answer was clear.

“I’m very proud of our heritage in the Czech Republic. It seems poetic that Czech porcelain is so well known for its quality – it was such a perfect fit.”

The resulting dinnerware is nothing less than breathtaking. It is very inspired, and very artistic – not to mention relatively affordable. They can be found at the Lauriger page, here.

Pass the Czech Cubism, please (Image: Lauriger)
Pass the Czech Cubism, please (Image: Lauriger)

The result has been nothing short of the stuff of dreams. Lauriger has been able to revive interest in the seemingly forgotten art movement, and also make their powerful contribution. In their own words,

“Lauriger is a curation of the leading designers within the contemporary art world. United by a shared heritage in the geometric movement of Czech Cubism, each artist brings their own unique perspective to fine arts and modern dinnerware.”

To read more of Koženová’s inspiring words, check out an interview with her here.

(Via: 3Ders)