Beauty and the Disco Beast

Cute Dancing Teapot Made with Arduino & 3D Printing

Dancing Teapot
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This cute dancing teapot is actually a 3D printed robot with an Arduino tucked inside. AND it also plays music. Let’s boogie!

Authentic Beauty and the Beast cosplay moves one step closer this week. How so? Using the combined might of 3D printing and an Arduno, you can now build your own dancing teapot. It can also play music, but the key point is to have an animatronic teapot that performs fancy footwork.

French computer scientist and DIY enthusiast Paul-Louis Ageneau is the undisputed GENIUS responsible. Dubbed “Plasteac“, this adorable biped is actually a remix of another 3D printed robot called the Arduped.

Fun fact, Arduped is something of an ur-robot, having inspired a line of other robots like BOB, OTTO and ZOWI. Though they all share the same motion of shifting their weight from foot to foot, none of them resemble a dancing teapot.

To craft his crockery, Ageneau used 3D modeling software OpenSCAD to design the various parts for the robot. Next, he 3D printed them using PLA filament. All of the SCAD and STL files are available to download from his GitHub repository.

dancing teapot

This Dancing Teapot Can Also Sing its Little Heart Out

Once all the parts were fabricated, Ageneau attached four servo motors around the legs and ankles of the robot. These were then hooked up to an Arduino Pro Mini microcontroller board, which was later programmed with some nifty dance moves.

And as for the power source, this is supplied by a 9-volt alkaline battery. Finally, all the electronics are neatly housed inside the 3D printed teapot (though easy access is provided by the lid).

It’s an amazing project, and in a follow up post the inventor goes on to explain how to play music on an Arduino. Provided you connect a piezo speaker to your Arduino board, a tone function allows you to compose entire melodies. Sign us up for a Chiptune version of “Let’s Groove”.

Want to build a dancing teapot of your very own? Visit Ageneau’s site for a step-by-step guide and complete bill of materials.

dancing teapot