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Cordli iPhone Case

Cordli iPhone Case
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The Cordli iPhone 4/4s Case (source: Shapeways)
The Cordli iPhone 4/4s Case – both halves combined (source: Shapeways)

I don’t know about you, but I dislike the way I get tangled up in my headphones’ cord during morning runs. My music is what motivates me while doing my workouts and the thought of having to exercise without music scares me. So I decided to go online to find a solution or alternative to my problem and to my relieve I discovered the Cordli iPhone 4/4s Case.

Designer Aattawia. It is crafted to suit any pair of studio headphones such as Soul by Ludacris or Beats by Dre with a 3.5mm diameter cord. Since I got the Cordli iPhone 4/4s Case, I no longer have to wrestle with the cords; it has also enhanced my running experience by being stress-free.

Also, I don’t have to buy new headphones after every month. Before I got the Cordli case, I used to wrap the extra cord around the case, which ended up getting snipped within weeks of purchase. The Cordli case provides both style and function. All you have to do is entwine the extra cord through the winding grooves in the two-part case hence causing no damage to the cord.

The Cordli iPhone 4/4s Case is available in two colors: white and blue, made of nylon plastic with a smooth matte finish. The case is made from 2 parts: the bottom and the top half. The halves are sold separately, but in fact you need both for full protection (why they are not sold as one unit is beyond me). The bottom half costs €25, the top half $30.

Buy the bottom half from Shapeways

Buy the top half from Shapeways