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Chocolate 3D Printer Made from Lego

Chocolate 3D Printer

Dutch Engineer Gosse Adama has done it again: With a bit know-how you now can build your own Chocolate 3D Printer made from Lego. Sweet!

Gosse Adema had already done the unthinkable: he had created a 3D printer out of Lego. Is there anything more to life than that? Apparently, his work was not yet complete. Recently, he returned to his project and upped the ante: now, we have the Chocolate 3D Printer made from Lego.

Adema was prompted by the Instructable Remix 2.0 contest. In 2005, a Lego chocolate printer was posted to site, but needed some work. Armed with Lego, chocolate and imagination Adema’s gave the brilliant project the makeover it desperately needed.

Lego Chocolate Adema

The first step is to build the printer. Frankly, it’s a bit complex as no 3D printer can be comprised solely of Lego, and you can’t buy special Lego kits for 3D printing. It requires many nuts and bolts and a small electronics store to function. However, in Adema’s own words:

The best way to gain knowledge of a 3D printer is to build one.

The second step is the chocolate. Unfortunately, this is not as simple as it seems. The chocolate must remain in a melted state as it prints, or it will clog the extruder. Luckily, Adema did all the testing so you don’t have. By combining a basic syringe and melted chocolate, the chocolate can remain just liquidy enough for printing. Once the firmware and software settings are configured you can use Lego to print you a hard-earned snack.

Practically nothing about this story is ordinary. It’s fulfilling every childhood dream imaginary, and it’s thanks to the Remix 2.0 contest. Without the original inspiration, the first chocolate 3D printer made from Lego, the world might never have seen this deliciously awesome invention. And, of course, makers and enthusiasts are beyond excited and many hope Lego will bring the machine to the market.

If you want your own chocolate 3D printer made from Lego you can check out Ademas instructable here. If you’re curious but lazy, you can see it in action below.