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Cascaqua is a 3D Printable Aquaponic For Fish and Plants

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Looking for a unique home deco piece? Cascaqua is a 3D printed aquaponic system that fits almost anywhere, keeping plants and fish happy.

Living in urban areas can be tough. If you want something green, you have to keep plants; if you want pets, you have to accept the time and responsibility to take care of them.

Australian design company Avooq have a solution with Cascaqua, a 3D printed “cascading aquaponics system” that’s designed to liven up the home without sacrificing time, money, or space.

At first glance, Cascaqua looks like a fish tank for aliens. But by using the technique of “aquaponics,” a careful combination of fish and plant cultivation, the tank is a largely self-sustaining ecosystem that is both gorgeous and environmentally friendly.

As an added bonus, aquaponic systems require no chemicals, boasting a natural, continuous method of caring for fish.

Have your fish, and your plants, too (Image: Avooq)

Feeling Lazy? Cascaqua is a Home-Deco Dream

Using scientific know-how and a dash of creativity, the Cascaqua system is basically a lazy-person’s home-deco dream.

Simply feed the fish regular food, and they will excrete ammonia into the system. Bacteria naturally converts this into nitrites and eventually nitrates, which creates nutrient-rich water.

This water is then pumped to the top of the grow-bed system where it cascades downward, providing nutrients to plants and roots as it goes. The roots even filter the water before it continues back to the fish tank.

While many of these systems can be large, complicated or expensive, Cascaqua is a printable that won’t break the bank or your brain. After purchasing a fish bowl, pump and flexible tube on your own, the rest of the gear can be 3D printed at home. The print requires ABS material and takes about eight hours to print. Printable STL files can be found here.

For folks who want the hippest deco, as well as a bit of green and life to spruce up their apartment, this neat little tank is sure to fit the bill.

Printing for fishies (Image: Avooq)