Don't knock 'em till you try 'em

Build Wibbly Wobbly Towers with 3D Printed Tricky Bricks

Tricky Bricks

Tired of Jenga? Enjoy knocking things over? These 3D printed Tricky Bricks bring fun (and frustration) to a new level.

Tricky Bricks are either a toy, puzzle, or IQ test. While a child plays with Lincoln Logs, their more adept parents may be balancing these strange, 3D printed bricks. Deceptively simple, they are anything but ordinary. With varying weights and distributions, this is both the best new classroom activity and drinking game.

Designer Lucia Di Santo‘s instructions popped up on her MyMiniFactory page, and has garnered ample attention as well as promises of add-ons and adaptations. Di Santo teamed up with engineer Anthony Voilque to get the bricks perfectly balanced. Relatively little is known about the creators, which is very surprising, given the skills required to create Tricky Bricks. We can only hope there is more to come.

Slowly... (Image: Tricky Bricks)
Slowly… (Image: Tricky Bricks)

To make the very tricky Tricky Bricks a bit less frustrating, Di Santo added special markings to each block to indicate its weight and distribution. Large hollow shapes indicate a lightweight brick while narrow shapes indicate a heavier counterpart. Arrows are also included to denote the direction of the weight.

Pick your Tricky Bricks wisely (image: Tricky Bricks)
Pick your Tricky Bricks wisely. The left shape shows a lightweight brick, the cross a heavy one (image: Tricky Bricks)

What inspired the MyMiniFactory user to create one of the most fun instructable ever? The reasoning behind Tricky Bricks are exactly what you expected:

“In a nutshell I wanted abstract bricks that I could stack in unusual ways….I always thought it be cool if all the weight was on one side of the brick so that it wouldn’t fall over when like hanging off the table or another brick.”

It seems it is human nature to want to stack, tinker, and construct strange objects. With the medium of 3D printing readily available, Di Santo is very excited to share the Tricky Bricks with the world. You can find the free STL files here, but be sure to print them at 100% density.

Whether you enjoy creating, testing your skills, or destroying works of art, Tricky Bricks is definitely a game for the whole family.