Catch the Wind

Bicycle Bubble Machine: Cyclists Forever Blowing Bubbles

Bicycle Bubble Machine

Winner of a Thingiversity Engineering Challenge, the Bicycle Bubble Machine allows you to bring out your inner child for your daily commute.

Bicycle Bubble MachineSome of us like being the center of attention. Some of us like making other people happy. With the Bicycle Bubble Machine, you can do both.

A Thingiversity Engineering Challenge for the summer called “Catch the Wind” focused on harnessing the power of air currents. The Bicycle Bubble Machine was one of the winners. Simply by pedalling, you can become that free spirit with all the bubbles.

Whilst designer Jost Schenck modestly claims that he’s “not an engineer,” the Germany-based maker gives us a brilliant little mechanism that can be mounted to a bike rack. By employing pulleys and attaching bubble-wands to a simple wheel, we have a neat, affordable steampunky add-on for any bike.

Unfortunately, the project does require more than just printing; you’ll also need wood, screws, elastic ribbons, wires and drills to complete it.

Schenck has not only given the world instructions to build the autonomous Bubble Machine, he has also written up a detailed recollection of his experiences in prototyping that creatives and hobbyists should find useful.

It seems the add-ons were born of necessity. Though bubble machines exist, they aren’t always so environmentally friendly.

“I actually found bicycle-mounted bubble machines on the net, but they all run on batteries, neglecting the fact that on our bikes we have a source of energy which is much more sustainable and fun: relative wind.”

And just because his idea won gold doesn’t mean this maker is quite finished. Future improvements may include: a lever to temporarily block the bubbles, bubble wheel modifications to allow for longer bubbles, and tweaks to help store more liquid.

It seems 3D printing doesn’t just help in the realms of medicine, science, and art. It also allows us to all live like we’re in a quirky children’s movie. If you don’t believe it, take a look for yourself!