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Animal Avengers Use 3D Printing to Save Victoria the Goose

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by Hanna Watkin
Aug 5, 2016

The Animal Avengers continue in their mission to preserve wildlife; Victoria the goose has a 3D printed beak so she can eat and drink again.

In 2015, Victoria the goose was discovered on the São Paulo coast missing a large part of her beak. Unable to eat or drink, she was rushed to the nonprofit organisation, Friend of the Sea.

Friends of the Sea, which cares for hundreds of marine animals every year, contacted a group called the Animal Avengers.

The team comprises of four vets, a dental surgeon, and a 3D designer, who work on creating prosthesis for injured animals. ALL3DP covered their exploits previously with Freddy the tortoise and Hanna the Labrador puppy.

“Initially, Dr. Roberto Fecchio and Dr. Paul Miamoto analyzed the animal and … sent me the beak replica data,” 3D designer Cicero Moraes told Digital Trends. “It was then that I started working on the first prosthesis design.”

How did the Animal Avengers help Victoria?

The first beak was ready and received at the end of 2015, but it turned out to be too heavy for Victoria to use properly.

Moraes said: “The first beak lasted four or five months fixed in the animal. One day, it dropped down, because of some fixing problems. Once the beak dropped down, they informed us and we decided to create another smaller and more efficient”

Unfortunately, when it came to the day of the surgery, experts found that Victoria had pneumonia, meaning the surgery had to be cancelled.

Thankfully, Victoria recovered and a new surgery for her new 3D printed beak was scheduled. The beak, which was one-third of the size of the first 3D print, worked well and was fixed properly.

Victoria is the first goose in the world to receive a brand new 3D printed beak, and she is now expected to be able to lead a normal life.

Moraes said: “No doubt, the case of Victoria was the most challenging of we’ve done until now.”

It looks as though the Animal Avengers’ hard work has paid off once more. Stay tuned for more exploits!

(Source: Digital Trends)

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