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But Can it Run Crysis?

This Tiny ThinkPad-Inspired Laptop Plays Snake

Picture of Matthew Mensley
by Matthew Mensley
Aug 2, 2019

And it’s 3D printed, too: Redditor builds possibly the world's smallest, most impractical, but probably most fun, laptop.

Ever think back to the simpler times of mobile gaming, when micro-transaction meant buying something for like, 10 cents, instead of wayward kids dropping a month’s rent on digital soccer cards? Back when full-screening Snake was a CV-worthy achievement.

Nah, us neither. But thanks to Redditor Almoturg, Paul Klinger, you take a pixel-powered stroll down that particular memory lane anyway.

Taking the iconic Lenovo ThinkPad as inspiration, Klinger has devised a devilishly small gaming machine that can play a handful of classics including Snake and Tetris.

And if you were so inclined, you can build one too. All of the files, including STLs for 3D printing the case, ‘keyboard’ (only the distinctive Lenovo nubbin is functional), and other fittings, plus BOM, and general instructions are available on Klinger’s ThinkTiny GitHub repo.

Powered by an ATtiny microcontroller and using a 128 x 64-pixel OLED display, the ThinkTiny is a miniature marvel. Will you make one?

(Images: Paul Klinger, via Youtube)


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