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[STUFF] WebGL Fluid Simulation

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by All3DP
May 23, 2019

Probably the most dazzling thing you'll do on your smartphone today, this JavaScript fluid simulator is a colorful way to ease your mind and pass the time.

A timekillingy wondrous one for the smartphone users of you out there today, WebGL Fluid Simulation is, as the name suggests, a fluid simulation. Except, one that runs buttery smooth on mobile devices and is a splashy extravaganza of color.

A control panel gives you granular control of the fluid splashes of color support for up to 10-touch input means it’s possible to lay your device flat on the table and let loose your inner Beethoven.

No, it’s not 3D printing, but like 3D printing, it’s rather cool. Have fun.

WebGL Fluid Simulationvia Reddit

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