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[STUFF] Proto-Pasta Empire Strikes Black HTPLA

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May 4, 2019

It's May the 4th, and since there are no original thoughts left under the sun, here's some Star Wars-themed filament to wrap your eyeballs around.

Few pop-culture cornerstones have the good fortune to be associated to a particular day of the calendar. Love it or loathe it, May the 4th will forevermore be a day for the Star Wars fandom to flood social media with trite memes and lazy publications to generate easy content (*ahem*).

In all seriousness though, look at Proto-pasta’s Empire Strikes Black filament. Look at it. All inky black and deep with silver-hued flecks of glitter. Plus, with the added benefit of being High-Temperature PLA, you can heat treat it for additional toughness to boot.

Proto-pasta Empire Strikes Black HTPLA — $36.95 (1.75mm) — via Amazon

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