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[STUFF] Polygonia Design Suite

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May 1, 2019

Offering possibly the simplest way to sketch repeating geometric patterns, this browser-based web app is a surefire resource for intricate 2D designs.

We’re not ones for lattice room dividers, but after spending some time toying around with Polygonia Design Suite, it’s just a matter of time before the All3DP office is a maze of fancy laser cut obstacles. A browser-based vector drawing tool for quickly creating geometric patterns, Polygonia is the result of a visit to the Smithsonian and a smattering of high school math and software engineering by its creator, David Kaufman.

Through the simple UI of an online design app, you can sketch out simple line inputs which get instantly translated into rad looking tiled designs. Multiple parameters allow you to customize the design to suit your project and a variety of output formats including SVG and PNG give flexibility for further design software you use after.

A feature-rich but export-limited (only three downloads per month) version is available for free on sign-up. All users of Polygonia get an unlimited allowance of designs saved in the cloud, so if you plan ahead and are selective about the designs you download, it’s possible to stretch the usefulness of a free plan. Monthly subscriptions unlock the ability to download more designs.

Polygonia Design Suite — Freemium — via Polygonia Design Suite

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