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[STUFF] Polyalchemy Bubblegum Elixir PLA

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May 21, 2019

Kick ass and chew more bubblegum than you could shake reality-bending sunglasses at -- Polyalchemy's Bubblegum Elixir PLA is the silky smooth solution to stunning prints.

Sporting a funky hue of pink that’s sure to delight and offend in equal measure, this Bubblegum filament looks good enough to eat. But don’t.

A product of Polyalchemy, specialists in silky printable PLA, the Elixir line of filaments is one of few to elicit complete understanding by name alone. The sight of a Polyalchemy or Elixir hashtag on Twitter is enough to know that photographs of vibrant, flawless prints are coming. Make yours pink. Bubblegum pink (other colors are available).

Polyalchemy Bubblegum Elixir PLA — $34.99 — via MatterHackers

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