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[STUFF] Liqcreate Hazard Glow (in-the-Dark) Resin

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Jul 17, 2019

Find your super-detailed prints in the dark, thanks to Liqcreate's luminescent Hazard Glow resin.

Filament manufacturers have been at it for years, augmenting ordinary PLA with particles of wood, carbon-fiber, stone, tomato, coffee, and sundry other nonsense; all peppering prints with varying degrees of success.

Pair this demand for unusual materials with the fact that inexpensive (and capable) resin 3D printers are commonplace now, and it logically follows that we’re now starting to see fancy resins.

Liqcreate’s Hazard Glow is one such resin. Sporting a bright green luminescence, it’s one of the more novel resins we’ve encountered, and could be a good option for your LCD SLA resin prints with some night time functionality.

It appears to work much like other (technical term) glow-in-the-dark materials, requiring some time under UV light (sunlight is fine) to ‘charge.’

At $85, it’s a pricey investment. But imagine the possibilities for experimentation. Marbled luminescent prints, anyone?

Liqcreate Hazard Glow resin – $85 – via MatterHackers

Here’s a vid of a print in all its eerie green glory.

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