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Lenco-MD is World’s First 3D Printed Record Player Now Available on Kickstarter

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by Hanna Watkin
Nov 29, 2018

Lenco-MD is the world's first 3D printed, modular record player aims to encourage us to learn about technology and music. Live on Kickstarter, the project has already scooped up a Best Innovation award at IFA Berlin 2018. 

It may have been completed unexpected, but vinyl has well and truly made a come back. Riding this nostalgia train is Lenco, the Swiss quality hi-fi manufacturer, and RepRapUniverse, the 3D printer producer, who have collaborated to develop Lenco-M. The companies claim the Lenco-M is the world’s first 3D Printed, modular record player.

Launched recently on Kickstarter, the Lenco-MD has so far raised $19,957 of its $56,478 goal thanks to 27 backers, with, at the time o f writing, 36 days left on the clock.

Already, this device has won an award coming in the top three in the category of Best Innovations at IFA Berlin 2018. Check it out in the promotional Kickstarter video:

Building Your Own Modular 3D Printed Record Player

For those that decide to stump up the €99 (or $112), the company aims to ship, electronics, .STL files with license and assembly instructions required to build the record player. With the expectation that you will 3D printing the frame parts, it is recommended you use an FFF printer with a minimum build volume of 330x330x100 mm.

If your build volume is smaller, there is an alternate reward available for printers with 200x200x100 mm. However, this will cost you more.

Once you’ve printed the frame, you can build the record player. Lenco and RepRapUniverse have ensured that the player is very much in the 21st century by making it modular, with nifty-sounding the Lenco-MD Solar and the Lenco-MD Speaker modules in development.

The modules can be swapped into the frame legs and you’re even encouraged to develop your own. The Kickstarter version of the device will have two empty modular slots post-launch expandability.

The campaign aims to ship to backers in Spring 2019.

As always, treat campaigns on Kickstarter with caution. Any money you invest is a gamble on someone else’s idea and their ability to deliver on it — backer rewards are not guaranteed. Check out our handy guide on what to look for before backing a Kickstarter campaign.

Source: DJ Mag


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