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Here’s How Chefs Can 3D Print Their Chocolate Dreams

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Feb 29, 2020

A Swiss chocolate manufacturer is offering chefs the ability to turn their confectionery visions into 3D printed chocolate realities.

If you’re a chef who dreams of making something crazy out of chocolate but aren’t sure how your design is possible, there may be a solution for you.

The Barry Callebaut Group, a Swiss chocolate manufacturer, has created the Mona Lisa 3D Studio, a technology that turns custom creations into 3D printed in Belgian chocolate.

Customers just provide their design, shape, and size preferences and leave the rest to a team of designers who will turn their vision into a digital 3D prototype. After the prototype gets approved, the final product can be printed in as many multiples as desired and shipped off.

Jordi Roca, a world-renowned pastry chef, has been 3D printing a unique confectionary delight called Flor de Cacao with the help of Mona Lisa 3D Studio.

“I can imagine any new kind of design and it will come to life,” he said of the technology.

This isn’t the first company to 3D print chocolate. In fact, the technology has already entered homes with coffee machine-sized devices like the Mycusini chocolate 3D printer.

But, the company sees its technology – which can 3D print thousands of pieces at a time – being used to elevate all kinds of foods and drinks to create the most Instagram-worthy creations.

“Compared to traditional techniques such as molding or thermoforming, Mona Lisa 3D Studio skips time-consuming processing steps like mold design, mold making, and mold testing,” reads the Mona Lisa 3D Studio website, adding that it can reduce “lead times to about 12 weeks or less.”

Read more about the Mona Lisa 3D Studio here.

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