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[STUFF] Engineer Neji-Saurus Screw Pliers

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May 14, 2019

Give stripped screws the what for with these Japanese-made pliers. Designed specifically to grip vitamins like no other, the Neji-Saurus is near legendary.

Unlike most pliers, Engineer Ltd.’s Neji-Saurus Screw Pliers feature both vertical and horizontal serration. That may not sound like much, but applied to a stubborn stripped screw it means minimal slippage, a lot of grip, and a loose screw that would ordinarily stop a build dead in its tracks.

Also found in the USA under the Vampliers branding (the only difference is the red handle), Neji-Saurus pliers are a handy addition to any tinkerer’s toolbox. The mascot is a little robo-dinosaur, too. What’s not to love.

The pair shown here is more on the needle-nose shape of the spectrum — ideal for fiddly printer kits; other shapes and sizes are available.

Engineer Neji-Saurus Screw Pliers — $35 — via Amazon

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