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E3D Finally Releases Their ToolChanger and Motion System

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Mar 6, 2020

After years of tinkering, the experimental technology, which lets you swap between up to four materials or tools during a single print, is for sale.

If you’ve got some cash burning a hole in your pocket and you’re bored with the regular types of multi-material extrusion, E3D is ready to take your money.

After years of tinkering, the company, best known for its V6 hotend and Titan extruder, has released its ToolChanger and Motion System. It describes the technology as “an advanced research platform that allows up to four multi-material/multi-function tools (such as lasers, subtractive tools, pick and place, paste extruders, inspection cameras and anything else you can dream up), to be utilized during a single print.”

The Motion System is essentially a coreXY machine with a 200 x 300 x 300 build volume. The ToolChanger, which is bolted onto the X-carriage, works in tandem with it so tools can be swapped in and out during the printing process.

The system has a 3 mm aluminum plate bed that heats up to 200°C, comes partially assembled, has brand name components, and WiFi connectivity. It doesn’t include V6 Bowden tools or Titan extruders though – you’ll have to buy those separately.

Though the Motion System and ToolChanger are for sale (for just under £2,000 or ~$2,600 USD) the company warns it’s still experimental and therefore there is a limit to the level of technical support they can offer. It also says given the fact the machine is “very advanced,” buyers must have previous 3D printing experience.

You can learn more on the E3D blogpost on its ToolChanger.

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