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[DEAL] Mosquito Hotend 10% Off at MatterHackers

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Apr 18, 2019

Slice Engineering's Mosquito hotend is small, precise and - unlike an actual mosquito - very quiet. It's also available 10% off over at MatterHackers.

A curious little piece of engineering, the Mosquito hotend is smaller and lighter than your typical hotend, while maintaining a razor-sharp temperature transition and comparatively easy nozzle change. Its low-profile and radical design separates the heating block from the heatsink, which means only an itty-bitty fan is required for optimal airflow.

Sounds good, right? Welp, unfortunately, such premium enticements come at a cost — typically to the tune of $150. No small amount when you consider E3D’s prolific V6 typically costs less than half. Which is why a discount — any discount — is worth noting. For the undeterminable time being, MatterHackers has the Mosquito hotend at a 10% discount — $134.99, down from $149.99. And both 12V and 24V variants to boot.

In a penny-pinching hobby such as 3D printing, it can be difficult to justify the big purchases, which is why we’re not saying buy this if your current hotend is serving you well. But if you’re languishing on a knockoff you expect to replace soon and have a penchant for exotic parts, this could be an offer for you.

Deal: Slice Engineering Mosquito hotend, 10% off at MatterHackers

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