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[DEAL] Autodesk Software 20-50% Off

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Jul 18, 2019

Autodesk's summer sale is in its final week -- meaning only a limited time to get subscriptions to some of the company's popular design software on the cheap.

Businesses and professionals looking to explore new solutions for their designing and 3D modeling needs are in luck thanks to Autodesk’s summer sale, where many 1- and 3-year subscriptions to some of the company’s top design software have been discounted by 20 – 50%. Fusion 360 enjoys the latter, heftier discount, bringing a year’s sub down to $247.50 (from $495.)

Private users of Fusion 360 can still snag a free license as hobby users, but for business bods looking to blag a bargain, almost $250 off is a pretty sweet deal. The most significant saving of the sale, however, comes to AutoCAD, where new users opting for a 3-year subscription save a whopping $1,086.25.

Here’s the full list of programs and their discounts:

Note: the Fusion 360 discount ends July 22, 2019. All others mentioned above end July 31, 2019.

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