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Buy a Poster, Build Your Own Fighting Robot

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by Matthew Mensley
Nov 20, 2018

For the paltry price of a glossy poster, you can get access to the CAD files for a MegaBot fighting robot. In short, deck your walls and deck your enemies with a tractor-sized fighting machine. That or 3D print it.

MegaBots, the US-based company that threw the gauntlet down to Japanese arch-rivals Suidobashi Heavy Industry for a giant-robot deathmatch last year, has made the CAD files to its Iron Glory machine available to download.

There’s a small catch, in that you must first purchase a snazzy poster of MegaBot’s CEO Matt Oehrlein perched atop Iron Glory. However, for a measly $25, that’s some small price to pay for the blueprints to a bonafide fighting robot.

Well, we say fighting. The fight mostly consisted of choreographed spectacle — more WWE than World War Three — but the ‘bot itself is a marvel in its own right. The full, physical realization of childlike wonder shaped by watching too many cartoons, wethinks.

With Great Power…

Those taken enough to drop some dollars on the files will receive both a .stp file and a “Pack-and-go” export of the entire Iron Glory project for Autodesk Inventor.

Having been designed in Inventor, users of the program will likely get the most use out of the design, since it is here that the correct parameters and design constraints are preserved. The .stp, however, should be compatible with a wide range of CAD software.

MegaBot’s hope is for a community to spring up around the plans, engaged in reverse engineering and proliferating the designs into other more consumer-friendly file formats. On the poster’s product page it is stated that periodical updates will come as the company hears of additional file formats becoming available.

If you’re CAD savvy, it shouldn’t take much effort to export a 3D printable model of Iron Glory. Head on over to the MegaBot store for your shot at over-the-top action robot action. Happy printing!

Source: SolidSmack

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