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3D Printed Wedding Rings: Affordable, Gorgeous, Adorable

3D printed wedding ring

So you want to get married? Looking for something special and unique? Then you should consider a 3D printed wedding ring.

For some, the idea of a 3D printed wedding ring is truly atrocious. They imagine a handsome young couple walking through a flowery grove in their Sunday best. The man drops to one knee and says, “Honey, will you marry me — after trying on all of these sample printed rings so I can get in touch with Shapeways later?”

These reservations can make sense. But they hearken back to the days of “a man should plan to spend three months of his salary to rope his new wife.” Most of all, they don’t reflect the new generation out there buying wedding rings. Crazy vintage rings, tattoo rings, basically anything personalized goes.

That’s where 3D printing comes in.

What’s the Benefit of a 3D Printed Wedding Ring?

The simplest 3D Printed wedding ring (image: Endswell)
The simplest 3D Printed wedding ring (image: Endswell)

It‘s definitely the possibility to customize your ring. You don’t have to resort to the “one-size-fits-all” approach anymore; as 3D printed wedding rings can be as diverse and special as the couples wearing them.

You can have a supremely minimalistic ring, or a ginormous gaudy one with relative ease. For designers and those with access to 3D printers, the only limit is your imagination… or love.

So, printing a ring means that the wearer (and designer) have a wider choice of possibilities. Also, rings can be printed with the most minute of details without costing an arm, a leg and your retirement. Don’t expect them to be cheap, but the price compared to the “standard” gold ring won’t come up much higher.

Also a great benefit: You usually get a plastic sample you can try before you buy the 3D printed ring.

Diamond rings are becoming less and less fashionable. Several people simply don’t want to be associated with them and what they stand for. However, when a ring is printed, they can be set with any gem – or none at all. The Endswell rings (pictured above) run about $300 each and focus on extreme simplicity. While they aren’t every little girl and boy’s dream, they speak to the burgeoning world of niche rings.

Where Do Get a 3D Printed Wedding Ring?

That's....printed?! Talk about gorgeous 3D printed wedding rings! (Image: Shapeways)
That’s…. printed?! Talk about gorgeous 3D printed wedding rings! (Image: Shapeways)

The process itself is rather painless. There are only two major steps: procuring the printed ring, and setting jewels (if you want some).

It all begins with finding the right design. Many people point to the popular marketplace and service provider Shapeways. It is definitely a good place to start, and there are countless types of rings available. Also, there’s a customizer for your special needs. The Materials are the same you expect from a jewelry store. Gold, gold-plated, rose gold, platinum, cushion-cuts, whatever you’re looking for, they may have just the ring for a reasonable cost.

Next, a good jeweler can help inlay any jewels. It is not uncommon for 3D printed wedding rings these days, so several jewelers will be ready to take on the work.

It’s also possible to design the ring from scratch. You could also source freelancers and artists in the field of 3D design. Once you or your source has created a design, you can also send it to any professional 3D printing service, who will make it a reality. If you want the best price for your 3D printed wedding ring, please If you don’t have a 3D printer at hand, you can have the parts printed by a professional 3D printing service. To get the best price, please use All3DP’s price comparison service.

They need roughly one week for plastic designs, so you can see if the 3D printed ring fits. Allow at least two weeks for a metal one. They print in metal using layer upon layer of steel powder. Gold, on the other hand, is printed in wax and then cast in gold.

3D Printing Makes the Ring the Easy Part of a Proposal

This beauty was designed from Formlabs (image: Formlabs)
This beauty was designed by Formlabs cofounder Max Lobovsky for his fiancee (image: Formlabs)

You can also take comfort knowing you are not alone, and there are several stories out there for inspiration. Not the least of which comes from Max Lobovsky, co-founder at 3D printing company Formlab. When he was looking to propose to his fiancée Nadia, he knew that he wanted something special. He took inspiration from Alexandrite, a stone known for its color-changing effect. With the special stone in mind, Max set out to find partners to help design and cast a custom engagement ring. You can read the whole story here.

Also, at least one NASA engineer and makers around the world are all seeing the benefits — and very unique magic — of 3D printed wedding and engagement rings.

Three Final Tips For Your 3D Printed Wedding Ring

  1. Printing is very different from going into a store. It can be difficult to fully imagine what that beautiful design will look like in person. Just like with an ordinary ring, going into a store (or printing sample rings) can help get a good idea of what weight, size and shapes work.
  2. Be careful your design does not use too fine of details or gems. It may look great on screen, but it might not print well and could compromise structural integrity.
  3. Get creative. There are so many happy stories out there that offer inspiration in terms of ring style and effective design.

While you’re at it, don’t forget that 3D printing can help make your wedding easier to. From 3D printed cake toppers, to tie clips, table settings and favors. Printings make it customizable, cheap, easy and incomparably personal.

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