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3D Printed “Vagina Kayak” Artist Guilty of Obscenity

Vagina Kayak

Megumi Igarashi, the artist famous for the 3D printed “Vagina Kayak” and 3D printable vagina data, has been found guilty of obscenity.

When does a building a kayak land you in court? When it looks like your vagina. Megumi Igarashi, a 44-year-old artist, working under the name Rokudenashi-ko, which means “good-for-nothing girl”, has been fined over sharing certain unsavory 3D printable data.

The artist will be paying 400,000 yen ($3,725) for the vagina data.

Can 3D Printing Data Be Obscene?

Is this boat too sexy?
Is this boat too sexy?

The data in question would allow users to 3D print her genitals. This has been deemed “obscene” by Japanese courts. Though Japan is known is for being strict on the topic, it’s incredible that artistic, conscientiously created printable data could be “obscene.” Apparently Japan has serious issues with vaginas.

Which is why Igarashi’s story gets even better. The vagina data was distributed to raise funds for another, even more exciting creation: the “pussy boat,” a vagina-esque kayak. In an incredible quote, presiding judge Mihoko Tanabe, according to Kyodo News, says, though the data is “flat and inorganic,” the realistic presentation of the vagina shape could “sexually around viewers,” therefore making it obscene.

Igarashi and her lawyers with a sign reading "a part is not guilty." (Image: Kazuhiro Nogi)
Igarashi and her lawyers with a sign reading “a part is not guilty.” (Image: Kazuhiro Nogi)

As for the kayak, Tanabe determined that the boat didn’t resemble female genitalia enough to be obscene, though Igarashi had a different point of view on the matter:

“I am innocent because neither the data for female genitals nor my artworks shaped like female genitals are obscene,” she said in court.

As far as the vagina kayak is concerned, we’re not sure how feminist art should equal a fine. But the strict obscenity laws in Japan will no doubt run into issues with 3D printing technology in the future. It might seem hilarious and bizarre to think about, but the legal line between data and object is a blurry one, and the world will see plenty more situations like these—though probably with fewer vaginas.

Not sure how the printed vagina kayak came to life? Check out the video below.

(Via: The Guardian)