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3D Printed Tripods for Exceptional GoPro Perspectives

GoPro Tripod

GoPro- and other action cameras deliver impressive videos. Especially when skiing, wide-angle lenses allow you to capture your surroundings as well as yourself in action. Video portals like youtube.com are inundated with these types of hobby videos. To make your video stand out, try out a variety of awesome perspectives. This is where 3D printers come in handy. They can print special tripods and attachments ‒ provided you have the right digital design files. All3DP has selected a few of the best items.

Oh, and you don’t have to own a printer: Just download these free designs, go over to a 3D printing service provider like Sculpteo and upload the files for printing.

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3-axis Gimbal for Gopro

Three axis for endless settings.
Three axis for endless settings.

This tripod offers three rotating axes and avoids a big problem: When recording manually, you might get blurred shots. So that you won’t have to restrict your range of motion, The GoPro camera is screwed on as usual, then you can swivel the tripod in any direction you like. Click here for more information on the 3-axis Gimbal for GoPro.


GoPro Tripod Ril: Get rid of compromises.
GoPro Tripod Ril: Get rid of compromises.

A fixed perspective can be very interesting as well. These adapters and cable ties let you attach your GoPro to almost any object. Great way to get really creative on your next video shoot. This tripod is definitely worth being 3D printed.

Yodix for GoPro

The Yodix: Offer your GoPro a ride.
The Yodix: Offer your GoPro a ride.

Entertaining videos also include shots of your whole skiing experience, not only of the action on the slopes. Take fun or interesting shots on your way to or from the ski lodge, even of your drive up to the ski resort and most certainly don’t forget your après-ski adventures. Mount your GoPro camera onto Yodix, the tiny moving car-like device, for especially lively, colorful and interesting perspectives and angles. Sculpteo offers this fun gadget online.

GoPro Ground Spike

The Gound Spike: A simple way to place yout GoPro
The Ground Spike: A simple way to place your GoPro

Sometimes the simplest way is the best way. You should check out the GoPro Ground Spike if you want to take shots from just one particular perspective, for instance, shots of ski jumpers coming down the run at high speed, leaning forward as they jump and soar through the sky as if in slow motion until landing. Since we’re talking about ski jumping, here’s another interesting angle: Jumps seem much higher if shot from below. Just mount the camera onto the ground spike, and stick the spike into the snow. Sculpteo offers this Ground Spike that allows you to take amazing shots.

Dual Tripod Attachment

The dual GoPro Mount handles even two cameras.
The dual GoPro Mount handles even two cameras.

What’s better than a single perspective? That’s right: two! This adapter allows you to attach two GoPro cameras to any tripod and take shots with both cameras. This way you can shoot footage from two different perspectives simultaneously. If the material is cut together, edited, creatively, you’ll get really amazing results. Sculpteo offers this attachment online.


GoPro Tripod: Stabimg
Stabimg: Bird’s eye view of your awesome stunts.

No doubt, the most stunning perspective is the bird’s eye view, a high-angle shot. You see shots taken from helicopters (maybe even drones) on TV all the time. Now you can produce similar shots yourself by hanging up a slightly sloping wire or sturdy rope and attaching your camera to it. But how? Simple, the Stabimg is a device that holds your camera and slowly slides down the rope while capturing your awesome snow stunts or other equally exciting stunts. After assembling the device, the Stabming is ready to go. Click here for parts.