3D Printed Accessories

Produce Better GoPro Footage With These 3D Printed Adapters

gopro accessories

GoPro cameras are perfect for shooting even extreme action sports ‒ and have therefore become very popular on ski slopes as well. The excellent wide-angle lenses allow for stunning shots.

The “poles” are particularly useful and would be a great addition to your GoPro camera system. The poles help you take even more spectacular footage. You can swivel the camera mounted on the pole between yourself in action and your surroundings at any angle that suits you. Different types of poles are available, each offering different advantages. Various 3D printed poles are also available.

Here is a list of the most popular ones:

1. Selfie Pole


With your GoPro firmly mounted on this relatively short pole, you’ll be able to take full control of your shots. If you want to focus on yourself in action, the Selfie Pole is a good solution for producing spectacular selfies. Because of its size, it’s easy to keep yourself in the center focus of the footage or images, but you can also swivel the camera back and forth between yourself and your surroundings.

2. GoPro Pole

pole 2

In order to capture a more expansive view of the surroundings when shooting selfies or follow-cam footage, the distance between your GoPro and the surroundings has to be increased. A simple solution is this significantly longer GoPro Pole. It can be attached directly to the GoPro camera housing and, when printing, scale it to the desired length.

3. Pro Pole Mount

pole 3

You already have a pole, but not the appropriate adapter? This is conveniently available via a 3D printer and is called a Pro Pole Mount.

4. Ski Pole Mount


Don’t select a standard pole if you want to save space. The Ski Pole Mount lets you mount your GoPro camera to a ski pole, which can then serve as a pole for capturing footage.

5. GoPro Mount with cable tie (a reusable zip tie!)

pole 5

As simple as it is ingenious: The GoPro Mount with cable tie works similar to a standard cable tie, only that it can be reused, allowing you to attach your GoPro to ski poles or to your arm or leg. It doesn’t get any more flexible than that!