Turn up the (Tiny) Bass

3D Printed Speaker Kits from Kitronik Look Gorgeous

3D Printed Speaker Kits

These 3D printed speaker kits from Kitronik are not just useful for learning about electronics; they’ll get the party started too.

Kitronik is a British company that makes and sells electronic project kits which are educational and fun. One example is their 3D printed speaker kits, where you print out the cases and assemble the components for a desktop audio system.

These DIY kits are easy-to-assemble and specially designed to get people — especially kids — interested in building things.

Kitronik was founded in 2005 by Geoff Hampson and Kevin Spurr. The company is all about expanding maker culture, and has grown from an idea with a £26,000 investment into a business with a turnover of just over £1m a year.

High profile partners in their ventures have included the BBC, CEL Robox, and 3D Hubs.

3d printed speaker kits

3D Printed Speaker Kits Make DIY More Fun

Kitronik have engineered the pieces to slide and connect together easily. The Mono Cube Speaker is rather small and somewhat retro looking thanks to its shape. The Stereo Speaker, on the other hand, has a funky minimalist style.

Better yet, the build is flexible enough to incorporate different materials and techniques. The Stereo Speaker can be customized with, say, a laser cut birch plywood plate that transforms the appearance of the speakers entirely. The choice of materials could enhance the sound quality even further, depending on their density and mechanical properties.

The speakers were designed in Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk 3DS Max, then prototyped using a CEL Robox 3D printer. The STL files for the Stereo Speaker can be found on Thingiverse here, and the STL files for the Mono Cube Speaker are here.

Also helpful with these electronic project kits is that Kitronik offer free technical support for schools, and a wide range of tutorials and resources for the hobbyist. You can peruse all of them online at the Kitronik University.

3d printed speaker kits