Bheard Sound Pod

3D Printed Speaker for Apple and Samsung Smartphones

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Although the sound quality of Apple’s and Samsung’s latest smartphone generations is sufficient, the speakers definitely lack oomph. No wonder, there is a wide variety of additional speakers for the iPhone and other smartphones.

Bheard Sound Pod (image courtesy of iMaterialize)
Bheard Sound Pod (source: i.Materialise)

In comes Susan Taing from New York based company Bhold. She found that her iPhone sounded much better when inserted in a cut-up Pringles box as the box acted as a natural amplifier. So she replicated the setup and used 3D printing technology to create the Bheard Sound. It took a number of iterations and adjustments until she got the best possible audio balance.

The Bheard Sound Pod naturally amplifies and significantly improves the sound quality of the smartphone speakers. It enhances the highs, mids and lows of the audio output which results in a more balanced sound. The Sound Pod also acts as an excellent speakerphone.

In contrast to other speakers for smartphone, the Bheard Sound Pod does not require a power supply. And it does not need to be paired with the smartphone via Bluetooth or through a connector: Just put the phone in the opening and turn the volume up.

Available from i.Materialise

The Bheard Sound Pod is made of ceramics and is available in different colors; the size is 82.16 x 82.16 x 80.37mm/ 3.235 x 3.235 x 3.164 inch. Bheard Sound Pod can be ordered from i.Materialise, it costs 110 Euro/125 US dollar (plus VAT).

It fits any smartphone no wider than 7.1cm. According to i.Materialise it is compatible – among others – with the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

Bheard Sound Pod (image courtesy of iMaterialize)
Just put your iPhone inside the Bheard Sound Pod (source: i.Materialize)