World Record (with a 3D printed twist)!

3D Printed Rubik’s Cube Breaks Previous World Record

Rubik's Cube

Rubik’s Cubes have been a popular puzzle since they began in 1974. But recently a puzzle so huge has been created that it has broken all previous world records.

Cuber Corenpuzzle has managed to break previous world records by designing and 3D printing a 22 x 22 Rubik’s Cube. The previous record holder was Dutch puzzlemaker Oskar van Deventer’s “Over the Top Cube,” which measures 17 x 17.

To get to this point, the process has been a difficult one. Eight months ago CorenPuzzle tried to print his creation, which crumbled to pieces right before his eyes.

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Despite this, he didn’t give up on his mission. But unfortunately, his second attempt to assemble a 3D printed 22 x 22 Rubik’s Cube also ended in disaster. This was all shown on a ninety-minute live stream. By the end, this second puzzle had exploded in his hands too.

However, yet again, he went straight back to the drawing board and after eight months of meticulously redesigning the core and 3D printing thousands of functional pieces. And he has finally done it!

The world’s largest functional 3D printed Rubik’s cube has been introduced! The puzzle consists of an impressive 2,691 working parts and has 484 individual coloured squares on each face.

For those interested in the maths, there are an incredible 4.3 x 10^1795 possible scrambles! The maker said: “Your job is to find the single solved position.”


Amazingly, the entire project was 3D printed on a consumer 3D printer – the RepRap Prusa i3. CorenPuzzle said: “I feel this puzzle is a good demonstration of how far consumer 3D printing has come in the past few years. Even if I factor in the cost of the 3D printer, this puzzle was still easily three times cheaper than smaller puzzles which were printed professionally. Though I must admit, the turning quality does suffer significantly. Despite that, I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

If you fancy having your patience tested, you can get your hands on the entire 22 x 22 3D printed Rubik’s cube as CorenPuzzle has made the 3D printable files available to download for free via Thingiverse! The only downside is that you’ll need eight months to 3D print the parts, and potentially a lot longer to solve it!