3D Printed Pill Coaters: Practical or Disconcerting?

3D Printed Pill Coaters

A Kickstarter for 3D Printed Pill Coaters causes mild discomfort. Headed by a creative mother-of-three, the project leaves us feeling unsure.

One of the best aspects of 3D printing is the creativity of open source development. However, this also means that individual developers must then work their product into the existing market. The result are not just financial difficulties, but marketing because sometimes a product with a very legitimate back-story hits the market, and it’s confusing.

First, the product. A new Kickstarter called the “Pill Coater” is designed specifically to make chocolate coatings for pills, so they taste better. Their slogans sweeten the pill and easy & sweet tell you all there is to know about the little 3D printed box. The method is comprised mainly of three steps: microwaving the chocolate in one 3D printed container; dipping the pills into the melted chocolate; then, letting the chocolate-coated-pills harden until ready.

The 3D printed kit also includes a pill holder, along with all the parts necessary to coat your own pills in chocolate. Does it sound as strange to read that, as it does to write it?

Sweeten the Bitter Pills

Benefits of the pill coating device as advertised on Kickstarter (image: Kickstarter)

The story behind the Pill Coater: Canadian entrepreneur and mom Dully Katzeff was faced with a problem. Her son was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and has a lot of medication to deal with. Being an ordinary child, he obviously didn’t want to take it. When he suggested coating his medication in chocolate, the mom obliged and slowly developed and tested the Pill Coater.

The mother of three is traveling the same path as many mothers before her, and rather than just scraping by, helping her own son, she’s trying to share her invention with the world.

The Kickstarter just kicked off, and has a full 30 days ahead of itself. She may have a hard time, looking to raise $50,000 for the project, but she has created something practical. Still, the idea of a “Pill Coater” continues to have the unfortunate side effect of mild discomfort, and creates more questions every minute. Only time will tell if backers look past that and find a practical use in the product.