Wands for Muggles

3D Printed Loom Launcher Wand for the Wizard in All of Us

Loom Launcher Wizard Wand

Make believe that you’re Harry Potter with this 3D Printed Loom Launcher Wizard Wand on Kickstarter. All together now: “RUBBERBANDUS!”

loom launcher wizard wand
Harry is disappointed that his wand isn’t a loom launcher.

It’s dangerous out there. With He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named lurking in the shadows, what’s an ordinary Muggle to do? Thanks to the magical electronic interwebs, you can become a wizard without having to go to Hogwarts or study dusty ancient tomes.

How? The Loom Launcher series of 3D printed rubber band shooters is running a Kickstarter, with a Loom Launcher Wizard Wand variant that’s perfect for boys and girls (and their parents, too). Each wand can hold up to 12 rubber bands, so dinging rival wizards from the House of Slytherin should go down smoother than a bottle of ice-cold butterbeer.

The project is the brainchild of Adrian van Wijik, a Canadian designer and dad with more that 20 years of product development. Van Wijik has personally backed over 60 other Kickstarter projects himself, meaning he is active in the Kickstarter community and knows how the system works — a quality as rare and wonderful as a unicorn itself.

Loom Launcher Wizard Wand yours for only 12 Sickles

loom launcherWith pledges starting at $12, backers can buy the 3D models of the Loom Launcher Wizard Wand to 3D print at home (with no assembly required). If you don’t have access to a printer, you can purchase a fully 3D printed Loom Launcher Wizard Wand for $38.

Recommended usage: Tape a picture of your favorite animal to a rubber band and fire a Patronus (untested), shoot it at wolves or rats and see if they turn back into humans (also untested), fight boredom, and your friends. No ministry approval or certification required.

Too proud of your Muggle heritage to be messing about with wands? They also have the “Princess” wand, plus an array of guns, ranging from “Classic” to “Dirty Harry” and “Spy”.

The project goal was set at $3,600, but the Kickstarter campaign is already in touching distance of $12,000. Stretch goals include 3D printed zombie targets, which isn’t Harry Potter canon, but with an artful arrangement of hoods over their heads they’ll easily pass for Death Eaters.

BONUS: The Kickstarter features some great videos showing the making of the wand.