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3D Printed Hairbrush: Sustainability via New “MAZE”

3D Printed Hairbrush

One of the most basic of household items is getting an upgrade! 3D Printed Hairbrush “MAZE” is designed for easy cleaning and easy production.

If you have long hair, you know that it gets everywhere. The sink, the floor, your clothes. It can clog up even the fanciest of hairbrushes and is a general nuisance. Even short hair can cause problems. According to Ohio State University, people are actually so tired of cleaning hair from their hairbrushes that they would rather toss used hairbrushes than thoroughly clean them.

The average life of a hairbrush is 6 months to a year, and, if you’ve ever used a hairbrush, you know that brand-spanking-new hairbrush is far cleaner than the same brush a few months later.


For this reason, associate professor Scott Shim set out to find a new way, by creating the 3D printed MAZE hairbrush. Tossing aside a hairbrush every year equates to a lot of waste; Shim hopes an easier-to-clean brush will mean less waste and more hair happiness. In his own words,

“We don’t want people to have to throw away a perfectly good hairbrush just because it needs to be cleaned.”

The brush itself is designed to resemble a maze. The bristles are attached to a twisting and turning paddle, making them easy to pull away from each other. The idea is that this makes it easier to get at the hair lodged between the bristles. Whereas a stiff paddle gets in the way and works against you, the MAZE allows you to pull the bristles away from each other and remove the hair.

An Environmentally Friendly Design

Furthermore, the brush’s construction may be more environmentally friendly. While brushes are often made by assembling different pieces, the MAZE can be printed in one piece, though bristles are still attached by hand. With sustainability becoming a major conversation and infiltrating all parts of life, the brush may help make a difference for the environment in its own way.

The little brush has taken home multiple awards, and its makers are on the lookout for licensing partners for large scale production. Keep an eye out, and maybe this little gem will show up in your local drug store one day. (via: 3ders)