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3D Printed Foosball: Lead England to Euro 2016 Glory

3D Printed Foosball
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Lead the England football team to Euro 2016 glory with these 3D printed foosball heads, courtesy of CEL Robox. Jumpers for goalposts, etc.

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If you’ve been anywhere near a pub, restaurant or cafe this week, you’ll have seen the TV screens and heard the fans’ screaming in agony. Yep, the Euro 2016 football tournament is well underway.

Fulfilling their patriotic duty, British 3D printing company CEL have immortalized the England football team as 3D printed foosball heads, and the results are fantastic.

The designs are free to download at, so you don’t have to watch from the sidelines. The heads were designed to fit on the Gamesson Rome II Free Standing Football Table, though any standard foosball table should suffice.

Fire up your 3D printer and bring the team to victory! (Unless you’re rooting for another team, in which case — destroy them!)

3D Printed Foosball Heralds a Summer of Sport

The printed heads are sure to add a bit of color and pizazz to a party, and there’s no way makers in other countries won’t be following suit by designing their own foosball teams.

Fans of the England team should be prepared, however, for a healthy dose of artistic license with these designs. The four superstars Wayne Rooney, Jamie Vardy, Jack Wilshere, and Daniel Sturridge are recognizable, but heavy on the caricature (and silly haircuts).

“The UK is gearing up for a huge summer of sport, and we’re already going football mad here at CEL,” says Chris Elsworthy, CEO of CEL and creator of the Robox 3D Printer.

“When it comes to getting into the football spirit though, hanging up a few flags is so 2012. With affordable 3D printing reaching more and more homes across the country, ambitious makers out there can turn everything into an homage to the Three Lions. Your faceless table football players can now be our top stars – and if they get knocked out at the group stages then they’re also easy to remove!”

We appreciate the sentiments, Chris. Starting up a Euro 2016 Foosball tournament of our own will make those dull moments fun; any losses forgettable; and the victories even more sweet.

3D Printed Foosball
3D Printed Football Players (Image: CEL)