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3D Printed Dumbphone Case Makes Your Smartphone… Better!


Smartphone → Dumb human ∴ Dumbphone → Smart human? Turn your smartphone into a Dumbphone with 3D Printing… and learn to live again.

Smartphones can be wonderful. They can also be the bane of your very existence. If you’ve ever had to say, “wait, I’ll be off in two seconds” while another human stared at you, waiting for you to stop looking at cute animal pictures you’ve seen 200 times, you have been taken in by the dark side of smartphones. One 3D print may change your life for the better.

The Dumbphone project comes from art director, Jeff Lam. He’s headed some pretty great projects, including “the nicest place on the internet.” Today, he wants you stop staring at your smart phone while surrounded by other, real, breathing human beings. And he’s giving you the tool to do just that: The Dumbphone case

Tell me more about this Dumbphone Case!

The Dumbphone is an ordinary phone case you can slide on and off easily. The kicker: it physically covers much of your phone screen. Sure, you can dial numbers to make calls on your phone, or look at your pretty background, but you’ll have a hard time scrolling through Instagrams you don’t really care about.

Though your friends may spend buckets of money on flashy cases and personalized skins, you can print this at home — for free. The instructions can be found here. The only thing stopping you is the fact you can no longer look at pictures of adorable animals with 3D Printed prostheses.

If you’re feeling skeptical, or nervous about being away from your phone fix for too long, Lam has some uplifting words for you:

“Don’t worry, if your elevator ride gets too boring you can always unclip the phone case to check the webcam app to see how your cat is doing.”