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Upcycle Tin Cans with a 3D Printed Campbell Planter

campbell planter
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From soda can to happy plant: 3D Printed Campbell Planter turns cans and bottles into a chic, self-watering planter.

There’s too many cans! What do we do with all the cans? What if there was a way to completely reuse that trash and make a nice 3D self-watering planter at the same time?

This free to print design on Thingiverse is dubbed the Campbell Planter, presumably because of the ubiquitous and iconic Campbell soup cans. The Campbell Planter uses old cans to create new, surprisingly fashionable planters.

Recycling is great. Sure, these bottles could just be chucked in the recycling bin, but that cycle still does produce waste. Reusing, on the other hand, wastes only filament and the amount of energy needed to run a 3D printer. Plus, it saves money.

campbell planter
3D Printed Planter Adaptor (Image: Agustin Flowalistik)

Super Chic, Super Easy Campbell Planter

It all starts with a 3D printed adapter. Maker Agustin Flowalistik (he of low poly Pokemon fame) chose three of the most common sizes he had lying around the house and created adapters to fit each of them. These designs can also be scaled to fit any other can sizes.

The project is also exceptionally easy to put together. It requires no support materials and uses only a very small amount of filament — only 25g for the soda can adapter. For that shiny, “this was actually bought in a store” look, try sanding them for a few minutes.

After printing, assembling and planting… that’s it. The planter was designed to use popular self-watering methods to regularly deliver the (more or less) perfect amount of water to the plant. That means you’re not only saving the planet but, for those of us who are less than ideal gardeners, you’re saving a plant.

What’s more, the resulting planter actually looks cool. Sanding lends the cans a chic and modern look, and the unsanded cans have a particular rustic DIY flair (try pairing them with your mason jars and string lights).

Too many cans laying around your apartment? Print a planter and slap a ribbon on it to make an awesome gift. There’s basically no reason not to print a Campbell Planter.

campbell planter
Upcycling chic with the 3D Printed Planter (Image: Agustin Flowalistik)