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3D Printed Aston Martin DB5 Replica costs £28,000 (But has Working Machine Guns)

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For the price of three small cars, you can buy a 1/3 scale replica of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 from Skyfall. But hey, it has “working” machine guns.

Special dispatch from Q branch, for your eyes only. Would you like to own a one-third-scale model of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 from Skyfall? What if we told you that the price tag was £28,000?

007.com is an online store that sells licensed Bond merchandise. Together with the expert modelers at UK studio Propshop, the company is releasing 100 limited edition Aston Martin DB5s, lovingly recreating the classic car in exquisite detail.

“The body’s shape and recognisable aesthetic are mirrored perfectly, in keeping with the original 1964 car”, says the store page. “The interior features are also faithfully replicated, and made wherever possible of the same materials.”

How was the Aston Martin DB5 replica made?

After laser-scanning two actual DB5s from the movie, Propshop used digital models to 3D print the major components. Once the individual parts were fine-tuned and assembled, an incredible eight layers of lacquer were applied to the model.

The model is capable of motion, but only on the rolling road that doubles as its case. The vehicle is controlled with a small box that requires its own custom key. That box also activates the car’s various spy gadgets made famous in Goldfinger, the third James Bond film:

“The car has been refined with functioning Goldfinger gadgets, including remote controlled model machine guns, operational model bullet proof shield, revolving number plates and gear stick with ejector button.”

Yep, you read that correctly. There are two remote-control Browning machine guns that pop out underneath the headlights.

The scale replica is pretty big, measuring nearly 5 ft x 2 ft x 2ft. The price tag is equally large — £28,000 converts to roughly $42,589 at current exchange rates. Are you tempted?

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Spectre Octopus Ring Also Available

If you’re a Bond fan whose pockets don’t quite run so deep, there’s a more affordable alternative. You can also buy a special edition Spectre Octopus Ring for £145, the result of another collaboration with Propshop.

“The replica rings are produced in exactly the same way as the on-screen versions. The concept design is 3D modelled embedding the famous octopus logo. This model is refined and 3D printed in wax. This is then cast in silver, art-worked and carefully finished by hand.”

Currently, the ring is sold out, but more stock is expected at the end of November. Evidently, the rings are selling faster than they can make them.

Based on these two special items, it’s clear that James Bond is the perfect opportunity to combine traditional model making craftmanship with modern additive manufacturing. As fans of both movies and 3D printing, it’s a prospect that leaves us shaken AND stirred.