Get The Lego Look

3D Print Your Face onto Lego Minifigures


If you’re a fan of LEGO but are bored by those bland, yellow faces, then there is a 3D printed narcissistic option for you.

There have been many 3D printed advancements to Lego, including adding curved bricks. You may even say that 3D printers work as LEGO’s best friend.

And, although LEGO has been entertaining people for almost seventy years now, personalizing your pieces has been limited. However, there is finally an option for you to create yourself in Lego form.

A company on Etsy, who are not affiliated with Lego, use a 3D printing service to allow customers to customize the toys with photos of human faces.

Funky3DFaces For Your Lego Figurines


Funky3DFaces explains the process on their website: “Customers upload two photos based on a set of guidelines; the photos are converted into 3D models using facial recognition software; and then the company ships the heads to be applied by the buyer at home. Because of the limitations of the technology, there are only 10 hairstyles to choose from, but the options range from short afros to the “Marilyn”, after Marilyn Monroe’s signature waves.”

All you need to do is send the company two photographs of your face – one from the front and another from the side and your face will be made. Keep in mind, the specific guidelines for the photographs and that it can take around two weeks for production.


For a price of $30, the Etsy shop will make you your very own lookalike. However, the shop only provide the head, meaning you’ll have to find the perfect Lego body for yourself.

If you’re not a huge fan of Lego but still want your face printed on something funky, other options include wedding cake topper specials, greeting cards, and refrigerator magnets.

If you’re tempted to have your own 3D printed face on your favorite Lego body, then make sure to find out more, and definitely watch the video, by visiting the company’s Facebook or website.