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3D Print The Perfect Lego Angle


If you’ve always loved Lego but get frustrated with the lack of curves in your build then there is a new Kickstarter campaign aimed at you.

Guts Labs, a toy studio in Montreal, have launched this Kickstarter campaign for Lego fans out there. Their plan is to create angled Lego pieces that will enhance their builds and “to add organic curves to your Lego creation.”


The team became interested in 3D printing to help achieve their goal. They found that by using a Form 1+ 3D printer, they can easily create additional geometries to regular Lego bricks.

They said: “Having the printer at home and being able to print new pieces in the hour allows us to explore more.”


They wanted to expand the possibilities of what can be built with a Lego set and so found that, after a lot of trial and error, the bricks worked smoothly with a 22.5-degree angle. To create a high level of precision they used professional CAD software.

They said: “Why not add some curves into this vertical world and bring more possibilities to it? The idea was born just like that! Yes, this is an unlimited imaginary wonderland for everyone.”


If this Kickstarter campaign is successful, GUTS have big plans for the future. Their ideas include everything from promising to organize regular Brick Creator GUTS Forum workshops for members to discuss ideas, share opinions, and even test prototypes to establishing industrial production and supply chain at an affordable price.

They said: “Never underestimate these little connectors; if you want, they can even change the direction of your curves! More creation possibilities are unlocked!”

So far their Kickstarter campaign has 23 backers and 1,221 $ CAD raised. If you’re interested in helping out their cause, you can visit their page here.