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Parallel Goods Launches Entryway Collection for 3D Printing

Entryway Collection
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Jazz up your hallway with your 3D printer, without breaking the bank; a look at the new Entryway Collection from Parallel Goods.

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Parallel Goods is a Chicago-based collective of award-winning product designers, founded by Joe Carpita and Craig Stover. When they first launched last year, they caused a big splash with their self-watering planter design, which has been downloaded over 30,000 times from Thingiverse.

Continuing their vision of making good design accessible by embracing new technology, Parallel Goods has launched a new collection of consumer products you can buy and fabricate at home, entitled The Entryway Collection. Each design retails for only $1.99.

Craig Stover said in a press release:

“We’ve been astounded by the enthusiasm around our designs since launching the brand last year. With customers printing our designs all over the world, we wanted to continue delivering on our promise of creating good design specifically for consumer 3D printers.”

entryway collection

What is The Entryway Collection?

The collection is intended to liven up the most overlooked place in your home  — the hallway. Their designs aim to provide basic utility while perking up a boring space.

You can choose from a bench bracket, which can be used to make a seat when combined with a piece of kiln-dried lumber. Elsewhere, there’s a hook and cubby set for your bags and coats. The team also designed a bracket which can turn a plug-in pendant into a wall sconce.

Parallel Goods’ designs are as simple as possible for printing and assembly. Each model comes with full instructions, plus sources for purchasing any additional components like nails and wood.

“We still believe the easiest way to put good design in the hands of 3D printer owners is by making it affordable,” adds Joe Carpita. “So we kept the $1.99 price for all our new designs.”

To celebrate the launch, Parallel Goods are also offering a Push-Pin Clip model for free download. The design allows you to hang pictures on your wall without damaging them. The design is now available to download from Thingiverse and Cults3D.

entryway collection