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3D Printer Parts – 7 Best Sites & Sources to Look for Them

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by Leo Gregurić
Jun 27, 2019

Sometimes parts on a 3D printer break, and sometimes we all fell the need to upgrade our 3D printers. Either way, it's helpful to know where to buy 3D printer parts. Here's our list of the places which sell 3D printer parts.

Spare 3D Printer Parts Why Spares?

The Ultimaker 2 3D printer while printing.
The Ultimaker 2 3D printer while printing. Source: rs-online.com

Parts like nozzles, fans, bearings, and build plates tend to wear out as you use a 3D printer. The life spans of such components are highly dependent on the printer’s build quality, but also the number of print hours. With time, you’ll most likely need to swap out a component or two to keep your 3D printing running as well as it did when it was new.

That being said, many hobbyists buy new 3D printer parts not because their printers broke down, but for the purpose of upgrading the printer.

In both cases, it’s good to know a few trusted sellers which offer 3D printer parts. In this article, we’ll present a list of places that offer a wide range of quality 3D printer parts at reasonable prices.


Spare 3D Printer Parts E3D-Online – Pimp Your 3D Printer

A Prusa i3 upgrade kit.
A Prusa i3 upgrade kit. Source: e3d-online.com

E3D-Online is a British company that sells parts that improve your desktop FDM printer’s performance. They’re known in the industry for their high-quality hot ends and extruders.

If your printer’s design allows for installing third-party parts, give E3D’s kits or bundles a try! If you’re a Prusa or Lulzbot user, E3D will be especially helpful, as E3D offers quality, tested upgrades for those printers.

It’s a true joy to navigate through their website, which is clean and nicely organized. Anyone can find what he or she needs in a matter of seconds, and pricing is also good.

All in all, E3D-Online is a great site to look at if you’re looking to pimp your 3D printer!


Spare 3D Printer Parts GearBest – Big Selection, Great Prices

A screenshot of GearBest's website.
A screenshot of GearBest's website. Source: gearbest.com

GearBest is big (but most importantly, safe) online shopping platform with tons of different products, amongst which are a plethora of 3D printer parts. Customers can filter 3D printer parts by popular brands, such as TronXY, Anet, and Creality3D. Apart from brand filtering, it’s possible to filter parts by prices.

There’s a lot to choose from on GearBest, so the chances are high you’ll find what you’re looking for. What about pricing? We’re happy to report that the prices are actually very reasonable.

GearBest also promises you’ll get your money back in case the received item is incorrect or broken.


Spare 3D Printer Parts Amazon – Large Selection with Good Pricing

3D printer parts categories on Amazon.
3D printer parts categories on Amazon. Source: amazon.com

Amazon doesn’t require much of an introduction, does it? It’s not a surprise that the king of online stores also has something to offer when 3D printer parts are concerned.

As you’d expect from Amazon, the prices are great and there’s a large selection of products available to choose from. Furthermore, it’s possible to search for products by manufacturer name.

Amazon’s 3D printer parts are separated into categories, such as accessories, motors, platforms, and extruders. That way, customers can easily find the product they need.


Spare 3D Printer Parts 3DPrima – Wide Selection of Parts

The 3DPrima website.
The 3DPrima website. Source: 3dprima.com

3DPrima is a European 3D printer distributor based in Sweden. They sell products from renowned 3D printer brands like Ultimaker, Creality3D, Wanhao, and many others. Naturally, if they’re selling printers from those brands, they must have spare parts in stock.

On 3DPrima’s website, there’s a huge selection of 3D printer parts available. You can either search for parts manually in the search bar or simply select the brand you want.

Most of the parts are in stock and ship rather fast. Prices are reasonable, as well. If your order is more than 100 euros (roughly $110), 3DPrima will ship your items free of charge.

Overall, 3DPrima offers a great selection of parts at good prices, and it’s easy to find exactly what you want.


Spare 3D Printer Parts Daemon 3D Print – Spares for Pros

Some Makerbot spare parts.
Some Makerbot spare parts. Source: daemon3dprint.com

Daemon 3D Print is a UK-based distributor for professional 3D printers. They sell parts for industrial FDM printers from manufacturers like HP, Stratasys, and Makerbot. As such, the prices of such parts are sometimes higher than the price you’d pay for an entire average desktop FDM printer.

If you’re using WASP, Makerbot, Leapfrog, Stratasys, or HP Designjet 3D printers, Daemon 3D Print is a great place to get spares.

It’s easy to navigate through the website, pricing is fair, shipping is fast, and payment is secure. What more could you possibly wish for?


Spare 3D Printer Parts RepRap.me – Steppers, Bearing, Belts, and More!

A screenshot of RepRap's website.
A screenshot of RepRap's website. Source: riprap.me

Searching for stepper motors, belts, springs, bearings, or build platforms? Well, RepRap has it all, at fair prices. If you’re looking for spare parts for a specific 3D printer brand, you can easily find what you need, with parts sorted under manufacturer names.

Brands include CreatBot, Creality3D, Flashforge, Prusa Research, Wanhao,  Zortrax, XYZPrinting, to name just a few.

Since RepRap covers so many companies, there are high chances they have everything you may need. Most of the products listed on RepRap’s website are in stock and ready to ship immediately.


Spare 3D Printer Parts Ultimate 3D Printing Store

Ultimate 3D Printing Store's selection of spare part brands.
Ultimate 3D Printing Store's selection of spare part brands. Source: ultimate3dprintingstore.com

Ultimate 3D Printing Store is a Florida-based 3D printing retailer. On their website, there are parts for a number of renowned 3D printer brands including Ultimaker, ZMorph, Wanhao, Dremel, Fusion3, and others.

Parts are sorted under manufacturers’ names so that you can easily navigate through their massive stock. Under each manufacturer’s name, there are printer models listed, so that you can directly preview only the parts for a specific 3D printer.

What’s also great about Ultimate 3D Printing Store is that the customer can submit a part request form if he or she can’t find what they’re looking for. This helps the team at Ultimate 3D Printing Store to quickly order the parts and deliver them as soon as possible.

Prices aren’t high, either. In fact, they’re very reasonable and fair, and customers from continental USA get free shipping on orders that exceed the $50 price tag.

Feature image source: 3dprima.com

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