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3D Printed Jewelry – 4 Best Places to Buy It

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by Tian Ooi
Nov 11, 2018

3D Printed Jewelry – 4 Best Places to Buy It

What better way to dress than with 3D printed jewelry? Whether you're looking to buy some new accessories or just gawk at beautiful jewelry, you've come to the right place. Deck yourself out with innovative designs made by talented artists, all available online.

Freedom of Expression

"Star Cage Earrings" by Maria Eife. Source: MariaEife.com

As 3D printing advances and becomes more affordable, it’s become a popular medium for producing art and jewelry.

3D printers allow designers to experiment with shapes that would be impossible (or very difficult) to create with traditional techniques. Consumers can let them directly take control of jewelry production rather than relying on manufacturers or hand-crafted techniques.

The best place to buy 3D printed jewelry is through an online 3D printing market. Thousands of designers put their jewelry up for sale through these markets, offering a pleasant browsing experience.

Another way to get your hands on 3D printed jewelry is to order it printed yourself. Try doing a quick search on Thingiverse, a free online library of 3D printable files, to see if there’s any that catch your eye.

If you’ve already got a model in mind, consider looking for a 3D printing service. To find the best one for your needs, check out our Price Comparison Service. We provide real-time quotes from the most popular companies, including Shapeways, i.Materialise, and Sculpteo:

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1. Shapeways

A sample of 3D printed gold jewelry from Shapeways.
A sample of 3D printed gold jewelry from Shapeways. Source: Shapeways

Shapeways is a professional 3D printing market for both creators and consumers. Any designer can set up their own pages featuring their 3D printed products. Just place your order through Shapeways, choose your desired material, and they’ll print and ship the design to you. 

Depending on the specific design, Shapeways prints jewelry in a number of different materials:

  • Versatile plastic
  • Metals like silver, platinum, brass, bronze, and steel
  • Yellow, rose, or white gold
  • Gold- or rhodium-plated brass

For materials such as gold and silver, Shapeways uses the “lost-wax casting” technique. The jewelry is first 3D printed in high-resolution wax, which is used to create a mold. Molten metal is then poured into the mold, left to harden, and polished to shine. 

For most other materials, Shapeways uses selective laser sintering (SLS) techniques to 3D print jewelry. Different powders are sintered together layer by layer, removed from the powder, and post-processed to give it additional strength.

With thousands of jewelry designs to choose from (and more every day!), Shapeways is one of the biggest markets for 3D printed jewelry out there.

2. i.Materialise

Silver Nautilus Ring by Vulcan Jewelry.
Silver Nautilus Ring by Vulcan Jewelry. Source: Vulcan Jewelry / i.Materialise

i.Materialise is another great place to shop for 3D printed jewelry, very similar to Shapeways. Browse through their collection of creative designs or upload your own to get a rough estimate of the cost. You can even hire a designer to model a specific piece for you. 

i.Materialise offers similar materials for 3D printing jewelry:

  • Polymers like ABS, flexibles, high-detail resin, and alumide
  • Functional metals like aluminium, steel, and titanium
  • Precious metals like brass, bronze, copper, gold, silver

i.Materialise uses industrial-grade 3D printers to produce high-quality prints. Depending on the material, they use FDM printing, powder-based printing (eg. SLS), lost-wax printing, or resin-based 3D printing.

Resin-based printing (also known as stereolithography or SLA) uses liquid resin rather than filament or powder. A UV laser draws each layer of the model, solidifying the resin as it goes. 

So what’s different between Shapeways and i.Materialise? For one thing, i.Materialise mainly ships within Europe while Shapeways is based in the US. As such, shipping costs for one service may be cheaper depending on your location.

3. Etsy

Leaf Necklace by FABRICA9.
Leaf Necklace by FABRICA9. Source: FABRICA9 / Etsy

Etsy is the classic online market for all things handmade… and 3D printed! With thousands of gorgeous pieces of 3D printed jewelry available, there’s certainly no lack of choice.

From ghostly earrings to a hollow egg ring to a geometric necklace, Etsy has a variety of designs in different materials. The most common are silver, gold, or some type of high-quality plastic.

Since each purchase is produced by the seller, the quality of each 3D printed jewelry may not be as reliable as the 3D printing services above. Be sure to read reviews in order to pick a trustworthy seller. 

4. Independent Designers

Unified Double Necklace from OLA.
Unified Double Necklace from OLA. Source: OLAJewelry.com

Other than the big marketplaces listed above, there are plenty of independent designers and companies that specialize in 3D printed jewelry. Here are a few examples:

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