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10 Great 3D Printables to Celebrate NASA’s Mars Discoveries

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NASA finally shared their much-anticipated news: Evidence of flowing water has been found on Mars! If you’re a real, educated, convincing human being, you are beyond psyched about this revelation. Can there be life on Mars (as David Bowie sang about)? You might even be thinking…”man, I wish there was some way to funnel all of this excitement!”

That’s why we compiled a list of the ten best Mars-tools you can create on your 3D printer. They are all vital to bringing in this new age, where Mars has flowing water and anything possible. Especially #9. Don’t leave home without it.

1. Personal Curiosity Rover


What’s it all about? You know the car-sized rover that’s been famously exploring and investigating Mars. There are plenty of different instructions to print your own…but these babies come straight from NASA headquarters. Plus, they’ve included two versions: a highly detailed instructional for the more adept, and a simplified version for the newbie printers.

Get the 3D printing files here.

2. Space Cookies!


What’s it all about? Blast off to space with a sugar high shaped like a 3D space shuttle. Space ships: It’s what’s for dessert, tonight. Of course, once you print the cookie cutter, you also have to master the art of baking and cookie-shuttle-engineering. Commenters imply this may, in fact, be rocket science.

Get the 3D printing files here.

3. Mars: God of War and Forgotten Mascot

mars god

What’s it all about? More of an arts person? Let’s get a little metaphorical with this bust of Mars from the second century. NASA’s discovery may mean a whole new chapter for the god of war. No assembly required!

Get the 3D printing files here.

4. Classy Mars Attacks! Memorabilia

Mars Attacks

What’s it all about? Let’s not get carried away with all the happy, feel-good responses to NASA’s news; there’s still plenty to worry about. Let this “Mars Attacks!” bust remind you of that. In 16 hours, you can have your own mini-martian-bust to remind you who the enemy is.

Find instructions: here.

5. Cat Space Helmet for Inter-meow-lactic Conquest


What’s it all about? Don’t let your cat be caught with just any old 3D printed space helmet. Your furry feline friend deserves only the best if it’s going to visit Mars. Easy-to-print, you have no reason not to subject your favorite pet to this monstrosity. In the creator’s words: “Attach strings to the helmet then quickly put on cats head and watch your back. He will never forgive you.”

It’s for science, right?

Get the 3D printing files here.

6. Spacey Chess: The Deep Nerd Pastimechess

What’s it all about? Earthlings everywhere better prepare their wits for battle–and also find something to do when they’re hanging out in their Mars House. Why not practice your human skills with a good old game of Chess? If you consider yourself a chess master, the printing process should be a cakewalk.

Get the 3D printing files here.

7. Interplanetary Fashion


What’s it all about?
You can’t go to space looking like THAT. Spruce up your outfit with some trendy, local rocket earrings. These require some painting and varnishing, so give yourself ample time to assemble your new favorite fashion piece before strutting your stuff to the Olympus Mons.

Get the 3D printing files here.

8. NASA Insignia


What’s it all about? We wear T-shirts with our favorite bands and have stickers for our favorite coffee shop. Why not a 3-inch spherical NASA insignia? Support our favorite (and most successful) nerds with this easy print. Plus, this design is brought to you by NASA, so you won’t be ripping them off.

Get the 3D printing files here.

9.  Highly Practical Mars Globe


What’s it all about? The perfect tabletop nick-knack. It’s not as obvious as, say, an Earth globe, but that’s what makes it so intriguing. The 6cm Mars is perfect for enthusiasts and children getting ready for the science fair. While it is easy to assemble, it may require some tinkering.

Get the 3D printing files here.

10. Face on…Table


What’s it all about? Want to freak everyone out AND impress them by how cultured and creative you are? A fun play on the Face on Mars, this 3D printout lets you put the famous space formation anywhere you please. It only takes 2.5 hours, far less than the time needed to see the face in person.

Get the 3D printing files here.

Good luck, fellow Earthlings!

(image: Danielle Matich)