Featured image of Weekend Project: 3D Print an IKEA-like Minimal Bedside Lamp

Weekend Project: 3D Print an IKEA-like Minimal Bedside Lamp

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by Tyler Koslow
Mar 3, 2019

Weekend Project: 3D Print an IKEA-like Minimal Bedside Lamp

Want to do some light reading before bedtime? This sleek 3D printed Minimal Bedside Lamp by DeDesigned is an easy project that will have guests wondering where you bought it.

If you reside somewhere that has four walls and roof, there’s a pretty high chance that you have an oddly named item or two from the famed Swedish furniture manufacturer IKEA. Known for selling minimalistic furnishings (and meatballs) at an affordable price, the company has propped up behemoth yellow and blue stores across the globe.

But did you know… There are a number of 3D printed IKEA hacks that you can create to enhance your freshest piece of furniture. Even the Scandinavian furniture maker has decided to integrate 3D printing technology into its operation, recently utilizing 3D knitting to create comfortable armchairs.

While affordability, simplicity, and decent quality products have made IKEA a leader on the global furniture scene, entering into those jam-packed, maze-like stores can lead to an all-day extravaganza filled with anxiety and stress. So, the next time you need a light for your house, why not stay home with your trusty 3D printer and produce a minimalistic lamp that looks as if you brought it home from IKEA!

For today’s Weekend Project, we are showcasing the Minimal Bedside Lamp by the Barcelona-based designer Tony Larsson, who recently shared the model on the website of his design firm DeDesigned.

Aesthetically sleek and simple, this 3D printed lamp is designed to sit on a table or desk, perfect for nighttime reading or simply adding some ambiance to your living quarters. The head is able to rotate about 150-degrees, allowing you to adjust the lighting for any occasion.

Best of all, the Minimal Bedside Lamp is easy to make and doesn’t require much besides your 3D printer and the correct filament. Let’s take a look at what you need and how to build one on your own!

Weekend Project: Minimal Bedside Lamp What You Need & How to Build it

The STL files for the 3D printed bedside lamp can be downloaded from Thingiverse. There are only six different parts to 3D print, each of which has been optimized by Larsson so that very few support structures are necessary.

The designer has implemented a number of unique characteristics to make this 3D printed lamp appear more like something you’d find at IKEA. For example, the main base consists of a compartment that can be filled with sand, giving the lightweight plastic lamp the feel of a realistic and robust product.

While the designer doesn’t list the exact filament that he uses, we’d imagine that White or Transparent filament would work best (the more heat resistant the material is, the better).

Aside from the 3D printed parts, you’ll also need the following components to illuminate this lamp:

It’s important that the LED light bulb you use is 7W or less, as a more powerful bulb could end up melting the 3D printed plastic.

Once you’ve 3D printed the parts and gathered all of the necessary components, it’s time to assemble the lamp. Thankfully, this simplistic and smart design makes the build process quite simple.

First, fill the hollow compartment with sand to add some weight to the base until the platforms are barely sticking out. After screwing the top on, you can then mount the sand compartment to the main base, which is where the lamp shade and light will be mounted.

Next, take the 3D printed lampshade and insert the light socket (Larsson has designed it to fit the specific socket linked above), using the top half of the socket to screw it into place. Once the socket is in place, insert the LED bulb. Finally, use the 3D printed screws to set the lamp in place once it’s rotated the way you want.

And that’s all it takes to create your very own 3D printed bedside lamp! Check out the video below for the full visual instructions.

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