Featured image of Original Prusa SL1 Resin 3D Printer – Review the Specs
And yes, it’s also open source

Original Prusa SL1 Resin 3D Printer – Review the Specs

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by Hanna Watkin
Sep 29, 2018

Original Prusa SL1 Resin 3D Printer – Review the Specs

Prusa Research launches an open-source resin 3D printer called Original Prusa SL1. Let‘s review the specs of this highly interesting machine.

While you’re reading this, the race for affordable SLA printers is in full effect. With Joe Prusa pre-launching his resin-based 3D printer “Original Prusa SL1” plus an accompanying curing station, SLA printing is getting more interesting and professional in the low-cost segment. And yes, it is also open source.

Product image of Original Prusa SL1

Original Prusa SL1

Original Prusa SL1 – Review the Specs What Do We Know So Far?

Image of Original Prusa SL1 – Review the Specs: What Do We Know So Far?

Prusa Research has been known for its groundbreaking desktop FFF filament based printers. For the past ten years, Prusa has worked on non-resin 3D printing processes and grown his team to 320 people. Impressively, the company now produces around 6,000 3D printers per month.

His new project is the launch of a resin-based printer called Original Prusa SL1. To ensure that it could compete with others working in resin, Prusa explains that earlier this year he acquired Czech company Futur3D.

Futur3D specializes in resin printing, when they moved into the Prusa HQ they brought their expertise with them. Prusa explains that this is how he can ensure the Prusa SL1 is “really awesome right from the start.”

In a new blog post, Prusa adds that resin printing was previously only done by big corporations and at premium prices. He adds: “We may not wear suits, but we have an incredible amount of new ideas and we are willing to work our asses off, which is something corporations usually lack.”

Better yet, in true Prusa style, all resin-printers from the company, starting with the Prusa SL1, will be open-source.

Original Prusa SL1 – Review the Specs Review the Tech Specs of the Prusa SL1

Image of Original Prusa SL1 – Review the Specs: Review the Tech Specs of the Prusa SL1

The new Prusa SL1 will use MSLA printing approach (based on LCD curing) which Prusa adds is more accurate compared to the DLP process as it avoids the latter’s distortion problem.

Another interesting feature of the Prusa SL1 is that the resin tank is removable and has a flexible transparent FEP film on the bottom. It has a motorized tilt function. After a single layer has been cured, it is not lifted vertically from the bottom of the tank.

Rather, the tank tilts which Prusa explains improves the surface finish of models and reduces the stress of the model. This is thanks to the rigid build of the printer.

A few other notable features include:

  • Layer speed: High-performance UV light cures one layer at a time taking around 6 seconds. Then, the printing platform is lifted, tilted to get a proper layer of resin; then another layer starts.
  • Print size: Maximum print area size of 120 × 68 × 150 mm (or 4.7 × 2.6 × 5.9 in). This is not huge, but usually, resin printers like the Prusa SL1 are used to print small models with high details.
  • Aluminum body: The Prusa SL1 comes with a rigid dural frame core with a separate body.
  • Power Panic mode. If the power runs out, the printer can save the last known position of the printing platform. Once the power is restored, the Prusa SL1 continues with its print job.
  • Color screen: 5.5’’ high-resolution LCD display with the physical resolution of 2560×1440p. That‘s a lot better than the dot-matrix display of the Prusa i3 MK3.
  • Drivers: Trinamic drivers and dural frame enable a layer height of just 0.01 mm.
  • Resins: Possible to use third-party resins – also resins you normally use in industrial context. This makes the Prusa SL1 interesting for universities or small labs.
  • Unique resin level sensor. Unusual: The sensor is located in the resin bed.
  • Accessibility: The Prusa SL1 can be fed with models through USB Flash drive, LAN, and WiFi.

Prusa explains: “Original Prusa i3 MK3 was a major step forward in terms of reliability and ease of use thanks to its many sensors and smart features. I actually said that MK3 is ‘bloody smart’. And SL1 will be no different. You can expect smart features, safety mechanisms, detailed manuals and handbooks, 24/7 live support, perfectly described functions, easy maintenance, and cheap spare parts… things that are usually not found in cheap Chinese 3D printers.”

The company also offers a dedicated curing and washing machine (see below).

This 2-in-1 machine is quite unusual, as is does curing and washing in one go. You insert a tank with isopropyl alcohol, put your 3D printed object inside and the magnet-driven propeller will stir the IPA and wash the printed object. It uses standard food preparation containers, so you can easily switch them out. Once you remove the tank and place only the printed object inside the machine, it will start curing it with UV light.

The yet-to-be-named machine is an optional accessory, but everyone who worked with resin knows this machine is not just a gimmick, but a huge improvement over handling isopropanol tanks with sticky fingers.

Read more about the SL1 on its product page on the Prusa Research website. Prusa recently showed the working printer at NYC Maker Faire and also at the TCT Show in Birmingham.

All3DP had a chance to take a look at the printed samples and was impressed with the details the printer seems to be able to deliver.

Original Prusa SL1 – Review the Specs Where to Buy

The Original Prusa SL1 is currently available for pre-order. Prusa is also offering special discounted prices for early adopters. The assembled Prusa SL1 3D printer costs $1,599. These first batch will start shipping in December 2018.

If you’d rather order a kit which requires assembly, the price is $1,299 and starts shipping in January 2019.

Prusa’s Open Source Resin Machine
Product image of Original Prusa SL1

Original Prusa SL1

Available as kit or fully assembled, the Original Prusa SL1 could become the open-source standard of resin 3D printing.

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