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The All3DP Holiday Gift Guide

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Dec 20, 2017

Give the gift of 3D printing this festive season! Here's a collection of 3D printers, accessories and more to inspire your gifting this year.

Stuck for 3D printing-related ideas this gift-giving season? Look no further!

Compiled from the opinions and wish-lists of the All3DP office, we present our gift guide for the 3D printing folks of the world. From beginners to pros, there should be something to satisfy even the most curmudgeonly of Grinches this Christmas.

From our favorite printers to filaments, tools, upgrades and books, you’ll find wallet-busting big ticket items and stocking fillers galore. Plus we’ll add new items over the coming weeks as we find them.

Think of this as your ever-evolving source of giftable 3D printing goodness.

Note that some of the items in this list are available in several variants (i.e. filaments in 1.75mm and 3mm diameter). We default to 1.75mm in this guide.

3D Printers


3D Printing Gift Ideas 3D Simo mini 2

Image of 3D Printing Gift Ideas: 3D Simo mini 2

What is it? A 3D printing pen with a few other tricks up its sleeve. Interchangeable toolheads allow the user of this minimalist block to try their hand at soldering, foam-cutting and pyrography (artful wood-burning).

Price: $129

Where? 3dsimo.com


3D Printing Gift Ideas Monoprice Select Mini V2

Image of 3D Printing Gift Ideas: Monoprice Select Mini V2

What is it? A firm favorite in the All3DP office, Monoprice’s entry-level 3D printer is ideal for beginners and experienced users alike. No fuss, decent print quality and affordable to boot.

Price: $219.99

Where? Monoprice


3D Printing Gift Ideas Lulzbot Mini

Image of 3D Printing Gift Ideas: Lulzbot Mini

What is it? Another of All3DP’s favorite 3D printers. And for good reason; the Lulzbot Mini is simple to use, open-source and reliable as heck.

Price: $988.10

Where? MatterHackers


3D Printing Gift Ideas Prusa i3 Mk3

Image of 3D Printing Gift Ideas: Prusa i3 Mk3

What is it? If the gift giving season is your chance to win someone over, this is the printer to do it. Just don’t expect delivery anytime before February. A cardboard cutout with an E.T.A scrawled across it might do the trick.

Price: $906.29

Where? shop.prusa3d

More 3D Printers: 20 Best Cheap 3D Printers Under $300, $500, and $1000

3D Printer Upgrades


3D Printing Gift Ideas e3D V6 Hot End

Image of 3D Printing Gift Ideas: e3D V6 Hot End

What is it? More or less the de facto “best” hot end to fit on a single extruder 3D printer, e3D’s hot end upgrade gives reliability like few others,  plus great high-temperature performance with specialty filaments like nylon and carbon-fibers.

Price: From $73

Where? MatterHackers


3D Printing Gift Ideas Bondtech BMG Extruder

Image of 3D Printing Gift Ideas: Bondtech BMG Extruder

What is it? Swapping out a no-name extruder for a Bondtech can make the difference between so-so prints and sublime extrusion-ey goodness. The BMG works in direct drive and Bowden setups.  Be mindful that the basic unit ships without a stepper motor to drive it.

Price: $99.99

Where? MatterHackers

More extruders: Best-Selling 3D Printer Extruders and Extruder Parts at Amazon


3D Printing Gift Ideas Olsson Ruby Nozzle

Image of 3D Printing Gift Ideas: Olsson Ruby Nozzle

What is it? The saying goes that diamonds are girl’s best friend. A ruby-tipped nozzle could well be a 3D printer’s. The Olsson Ruby is super tough and resistant to the most abrasive filaments out there.

Price: $90

Where? MatterHackers


3D Printing Gift Ideas MatterHackers Orbit Bed Leveling Probe

Image of 3D Printing Gift Ideas: MatterHackers Orbit Bed Leveling Probe

What is it? This neat little gizmo gives bed-leveling capability to 3D printers that ordinarily would not have it. Riding shotgun to the nozzle, it touches the build plate to determine bed-leveling.

Price: $69

Where? MatterHackers


3D Printing Gift Ideas Dyze Design Filament Sentinel

Image of 3D Printing Gift Ideas: Dyze Design Filament Sentinel

What is it? A filament detection system that automatically pauses prints when your filament runs out. Not only that, Dyze claims this little black box automagically cleans dust and other debris from the filament as it passes through.

Price: $35

Where? dyzedesign.com



3D Printing Gift Ideas Simplify3D

Image of 3D Printing Gift Ideas: Simplify3D

What is it? One of the few slicer softwares you need to pay for, Simplify3D makes up for its boldness in asking for money (the nerve of some people) with rich 3D print-enhancing features like variable layer height settings and STL repair.

Price: $149

Where? Simplify3d


3D Printing Gift Ideas Fusion360

Image of 3D Printing Gift Ideas: Fusion360

What is it? Autodesk’s premium 3D modeling software, Fusion36 makes the complex field of design relatively simple to pick up. And with a wealth of dedicated online learning resources, the budding 3D modeler in your life will be up and running in no time.

Price: Free (for students & individuals/startups making less than $100K per year), otherwise $40/month, $300/year

Where? Autodesk



3D Printing Gift Ideas Rigid Ink Club Membership

Image of 3D Printing Gift Ideas: Rigid Ink Club Membership

What is it? Gift the opportunity to test out three different types and colors of filament every month. A cool concept to spice up 3D printing, Rigid Ink’s subscription service also offers its members the chance to beta-test yet-to-release materials.

Note there’s a limited window to sign up — from the 18th – 20th each month — so act quick in December to sign up in time for Christmas.

Price: £7.95/month

Where: Rigid.ink


3D Printing Gift Ideas colorFabb Copperfill

Image of 3D Printing Gift Ideas: colorFabb Copperfill

What is it? Giving the heft of metal to 3D prints, this copper-laced filament can be post-processed to achieve an aged, green-hued oxidization burnish. Fun!

Price: $59.38

Where? colorFabb


3D Printing Gift Ideas Innofil EPR InnoPET

Image of 3D Printing Gift Ideas: Innofil EPR InnoPET

What is it? The overall winner of our recent test of different PETG filaments. PETG offers mechanical strength and ease of printing, provided the user’s printer has a heated print bed.

What is it? The festive season demands a little extra sparkle, and what better way than shiny filament! Fillamentum’s Gold Happens PLA should be a cinch to print, and gives a sparkly gold finish.

Price: €26.50

Where: Fillamentum


3D Printing Gift Ideas MatterHackers Glow in the Dark PRO PLA

Image of 3D Printing Gift Ideas: MatterHackers Glow in the Dark PRO PLA

What is it? Spicing up 3D prints with a spooky glow-in-the-dark look, this specialty PLA filament offers something different to boring, non-glowing hues.

Price: $46

Where? MatterHackers



3D Printing Gift Ideas FabScan Pi

Image of 3D Printing Gift Ideas: FabScan Pi

What is it? An open-source laser scanner that you build yourself. Assembled from laser-cut plywood, powered by a Raspberry Pi and completely hackable, it’s the perfect gift for makers in need of a closed-box laser scanner. A FabScan Pi kit includes all you need to get up an running, but be aware that it’s not a project for complete beginners.

Those wishing to put their own together can find full project details and resources here. But to purchase a full kit, check out the link below.

Price: €185

Where? elektor.com


3D Printing Gift Ideas Atlas 3D Kit

Image of 3D Printing Gift Ideas: Atlas 3D Kit

What is it? A print-it-yourself 3D scanner! This kit from Murobo includes all the non-printable parts needed (including Raspberry Pi board if you so with) for turntable style scanning.

Price: $229

Where? store.murobo.com



3D Printing Gift Ideas 3D Printing for Dummies

Image of 3D Printing Gift Ideas: 3D Printing for Dummies

What is it? The evergreen for dummies series has a robust entry for 3D printing. Consistently a best-seller for the category on Amazon, it serves as a great entry point for complete beginners looking to get acquainted and figure what to do next.


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