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5 Best Sources for 3D Printed Phone Cases


Want to protect and customize your smartphone? Here are the best services for customizing 3D printed phone cases.

We do everything to protect our “dearest possession” (that being our smartphone, of course). Phone cases are available nearly everywhere in all shapes and sizes and designs and colors. But nothing is quite a unique as a custom designed/made phone case. It is possible to 3D print phone cases. This is nothing new, of course, but it may be hard to find out where to customize a 3D printed phone case or how to design one.

If you don’t have a 3D printer at hand, you can have the 3D models printed by a professional 3D printing service. To get the best price available, please use All3DP’s Best Price 3D Printing Service.

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Sources for 3D Printed Phone Cases 3D Phonecase

Image of Sources for 3D Printed Phone Cases: 3D Phonecase

What is this 3D printed phone case source? 3Dphonecase.com is a service created by Moogue, a Dutch company that specializes in 3D configurators that can be integrated into web shops across platforms and browsers. The service allows the user to customized a smartphone case in many ways.

How to create this 3D printed phone case? Once the user clicks on “Start designing”, he or she is prompted to select one of six phone brands. After this, you select the phone model and the designing begins.

3D Printed Phone Cases

In the design menu, you can select the different aspects of the design they wish to customize. This ranges from patterns and images to text and color. Throughout the designing process, you can click on the rendered image of the 3D model and drag it around to view it from different angles. It is also possible to zoom in and out on the model. A name or text can also be added. The text will be positioned on one or both of the sides of the phone.

3D Printed Phone Cases

One thing we noticed while trying out this 3D printed phone case customizer, is that the website is a little bit slow but other than that it’s probably one of the nicer phone case customizers out there. The service offers lots of different combinations to customize your 3D printed phone cases: there are 70560 excluding the text option for which the user can enter what they want.

Once the design is finished the user is directed to the checkout. The 3D printed phone cases cost about 35€ / $40 excl. shipping.

Visit the site: 3Dphonecase


Sources for 3D Printed Phone Cases Shapeways

Image of Sources for 3D Printed Phone Cases: Shapeways

What is this 3D printed phone case source? Shapeways is a great marketplace for selling and buying 3D printed objects. The categories range from tech to jewelry and games. The great thing is, that Shapeways 3D prints the objects using professional 3D printers and high-quality materials. Want a golden phone case? It can be done. But it wouldn’t make much sense.

The search for phone cases on Shapeways quickly returns a long list of individual models that can be ordered. Most of them are iPhone models. Shapeways’ selection of 3D printed phone cases is very impressive. Most of the cases feature an intricate or simple yet high-quality design. Whats more to say? Go check out the site to get some 3D printed phone cases.

Visit the site: Shapeways


Sources for 3D Printed Phone Cases Zetoff

Image of Sources for 3D Printed Phone Cases: Zetoff

What is this 3D printed phone case source? Zetoff is another online phone case customization service.

How to create this 3D printed phone case? Currently, Zetoff only offers three iPhone templates. That’s quite limited considering the vast selection of smartphones on the market. Anyways, once one of the three iPhone models (iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 6 Plus) is selected, you pick your color. The color picker tool is limited to black and white for some reason even though the example models, that can be selected, feature lots of different colors – kind of confusing.

3D Printed Phone Cases

The following steps include picking the pattern and image. There are eleven patterns to pick from. The patterns can be altered and further customized by changing some parameters. The customization tool has a good selection of images that can be laid on top of the selected pattern. The size and position of the image can be changed using the sliders in the menu. There is even an option to upload your own SVG file. However, we couldn’t get this option to work properly, so after various different SVG files and settings we gave up and just stuck with the provided images.

After the 3D printed phone case has been configured, the user has the option to purchase and buy the designed phone case. The model will be 3D printed and shipped to the specified address.

The phone case costs roughly $25 / $30 excl. shipping.

All in all, we must say this phone case design tool looks kind of abandoned. That’s a shame because it’s actually quite easy and fun to use.

Visit the site: Zetoff


Sources for 3D Printed Phone Cases CG Trader

Image of Sources for 3D Printed Phone Cases: CG Trader

What is this 3D printed phone case source? CGtrader is one of the biggest online repositories for 3D models in the world. They have models in many categories for applications like VR and gaming. In the 3D print/gadgets category, the user can select 3D printed phone cases. The models are available for free or for purchase. However, a user account is needed to download files.

The selection is pretty good, mainly featuring iPhone and Samsung models. This is a good solution for someone looking to 3D print a phone case without having to model it first.

Visit the site: CG Trader


Sources for 3D Printed Phone Cases Thingiverse

Image of Sources for 3D Printed Phone Cases: Thingiverse

What is this 3D printed phone case source? Thingiverse is the biggest online 3D printing community of designers, engineers, and makers. Unsurprisingly, the selection of 3D printable phone cases on Thingiverse is big and versatile.

Most of the 3d printed phone cases are free. Just download the 3D printable files you want and print it. Don’t have a 3D printer? Use ALL3DP’s 3D Printing Service to get the best available price and have the 3D printed phone case shipped directly to you.

Visit the site: Thingiverse

Do you have another service you can recommend for 3D printed phone cases? Please feel free to add it in the comment section.

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