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Zmorph Offers 3 Great Arduino Case Designs

Great Arduino Case

Protect your Arduino boards from damage by customizing, CNC milling or 3D printing your own, stylish case. Here are three great Arduino case designs by Zmorph. 

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A multitool machine like the Zmorph 2.0 allows engineers and makers to manufacture and customize any items they need. A recent project which shows this off very well is three customized Arduino cases. Each case is made with a different material and is also multi-purpose itself.

Zmorph argues on their blog that “the best way to make your own Arduino case is to 3D print it. This is also a great opportunity to try some customization.” We have to agree that the results are impressive.

With the rise of multi-tool printers, we’ll soon see passionate makers using them to customize all of their projects to give them a completely unique feel.


Ideas for your Arduino Case design

Zmorph offered three ideas for anyone wanting to build their own case.


The first is by polish designer Paula Szarejko. She created a gaming-related project which looks like an arcade table. She 3D printed her design in ABS filament and used Pac-Man characters to decorate the top of her plexiglass cover.


The second idea was CNC milled in thick plywood, also using the ZMorph 2.o SX. All of the parts were easily screwed together. The simple wooden box hides away all the electronics easily.


The third and last option is a colorful case which Szarejko CNC milled. She used two different colored plexiglass pieces and included a translucent top cover which was also CNC milled. She then used a small drill to add the Arduino logo to the case.

Tempted to build your own case? Zmorph points out: “With a variety of available materials and digital fabrication techniques to choose from, the main thing holding you back is your own imagination.”

(Source: Zmorph Blog)