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Weekend Project: Cool Down With This 3D Printed Bladeless Desk Fan

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by Tyler Koslow
Jun 16, 2018

Summertime is here and the weather is heating up! Why not use your 3D printer to create a sleek bladeless desk fan to keep you cool. 

Now that we’re in the midst of June, you can expect the sweltering sun to set up camp in the sky over next few months of summer. Sometimes the air conditioning and open windows just isn’t enough to keep you cool, only a fan blasting in your face can stop the sweat from building up. Thankfully, your desktop 3D printer is well-equipped to help you get through these dog days.

To help keep the cool air flowing at your workspace, today’s project is a 3D printed Bladeless Desk Fan by Thingiverse user Dylman3000. This fan has a sleek and modern design, and seems as if it’s producing its wind current from thin air. While learning how to use Fusion360, the designer decided to make a new desk fan for his work desk.

The build process is extremely easy, and the laundry list of components is brief and inexpensive, so we’d say this project is great for beginners and experts alike. Let’s take a closer look at this fan, starting with what you need and how to assemble it!

3D Printed Bladeless Desk Fan: What You Need & How to Build it

This desk fan is comprised of three different 3D printable parts, including the base, inner chamber and outer chamber. The outer part of the fan requires supports everywhere, and the designers suggests doing the same for the inner section as well. For the base, Dylman3000 flipped the model upside down and used supports only touching the build plate.

All you need (aside from your 3D printer and filament) is a spare 70mm computer fan and a 12v transformer, two items that you might just have lying around the garage. If not, both components can be acquired for around a total of $10 – 15. Either way, you can’t put a price on comfort!

Once you have 3D printed the parts and gathered your computer fan and 12v transformer, it’s time to start the assembly process. There are only a handful of steps involved with this project. First, mount the computer fan inside of the 3D printed base on top of the base, feeding the wiring through the hole in the support.

The next step is to solder the fan and transformer wires to a basic switch. If you don’t have experience with soldering, make sure to view a few tutorials before setting off on your own. Once the soldering process is complete, insert the inner part of the fan into the outer (it should snap right in). Finally, take the entire 3D printed fan section and mount it into the base. You now have a functional bladeless desk fan!

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